Zipcast: Beyond Social, Disruptive Technologies to Watch

There’s more to disruptive technologies than social to watch. In fact, we’re exploring a variety of new disruptive technologies, to see how they impact business, culture, and customer relationships. Slideshare has released ‘Zipcast’ a no-download video+slides technology that allows anyone to give a ‘keynote’ speech to an online audience in real time. Due to travel schedule, I was unable to produce my own, but Altimeter’s Charlene Li presented her viewpoints on disruptive technologies to watch –and those to ignore. Listen in below or go right for the slides.

Now, back to you: What disruptive technologies should we be exploring in our research agenda?

10 Replies to “Zipcast: Beyond Social, Disruptive Technologies to Watch”

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  2. Hi Charlene, great insights here. One comment on your remarks relative to Google Goggles. I was at the Google cafeteria six months ago. My friend John took a picture of a person wearing a RED shirt. Goggles interpreted the person to be a fireman. I believe it is coming but not there yet.

    Joseph Ng

  3. I tried this the first day they launched it, and thought it was a good addition for SlideShare, but considering the other options out there, I would not consider this disruptive.

    With Zipcast, there is only one sharing option, just presentations on SlideShare, nothing else. There is no collaboration, it’s simply one person talking at you, and interaction via chat messages is inefficient.

    I think it’s great that there is a trend to online meetings, it’s saved me lots of time and lots of money, but if we’re going to look at what is disruptive, let’s look at something more innovative than this… consider exploring Mingleverse or Teleplace… or even WebEx is more innovative than Zipcast.

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