Social CRM Webinar Part 1: The 5Ms and Marketing Use Cases (Slides and Recording)

The Market Took to the Social CRM Use Cases
The Social CRM report by the Altimeter Group is a hit.  Within 30 days it has received over 30,000 views, been touted as the “Most Viral BtoB Report,” and brands and SCRM vendors are aligning their roadmaps with the use cases. There were over 800 registrants for the webinar, and we had nearly 300 attendees, over 135 of the registrants said they wanted to be contacted by a SCRM vendor. All of these numbers indicate that there’s interest in this new market, and we’re glad to help illuminate the pathway. (Update: If you want to give a primer to your CMO, send them my latest Forbes column on the topic)

Watch the Recording and Use The Slides
Our belief in Open Research means we try to collaborate with the market on conducting research, then sharing a great deal of it so the market can build on top of it, improve it, and we can continue to learn. Yesterday, we hosted part 1 of the SCRM webinar series, and have made the slides and the recording available.

Above: Download the slides from slideshare and reuse under creative commons

Social CRM Use Cases: 5Ms and Marketing, by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group on Vimeo.

Above: The webinar recording. My voice was a bit soft due to technical reasons, however at 14 minutes in I switch headsets and it clears up.

We also polled the attendees about their readiness to deploy:
When are you planning to invest in a Social CRM Solution? (41% of attendees responded, but this was at the end of webinar, so we don’t know how many were still online.)

  • A) Not at this time (25%)
  • B) In the next 30 days (14%)
  • C) In the next quarter (14%)
  • D) In the next year (9%)
  • E) Not sure (35%)

This means that 28% of the attendees were interested in investing on Social CRM solutions.

Related Resources
This is just the starting point, harness these other resources to become successful.

Four Steps When Working with Social CRM Vendors
After you’ve digested the report, and are starting to prepare for the 5Ms, approach social crm vendors with these four tips.

  1. Forward them the report.
  2. Ask them to define which use cases they currently specialize in.
  3. Ask to see a roadmap of which use cases they’ll be launching in coming quarters.
  4. Ask how they’ll work with other SCRM vendors that offer use cases that they can’t deliver.

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