List of Corporate Social Media Strategists, Corporate Community Managers in 2010

Update Jan 7, 2011: I am no longer updating this list, instead, find the more updated list for 2011 for Corporate Social Strategists.

As an industry watcher, I look at trends, data, spending, technologies, yet what’s really important is watching the trend of professionals as they grow into these roles managing disruptive technologies.  Update: Brian Hayashi has created a spreadsheet of this with additional info –like Twitter handles. We’re staying coordinated so the data is matched, follow Brian on Twitter.

[Connecting with customers using social technologies is deceptively challenging, as most outsiders don’t recognize the leadership to change internal cultural. Now, in public, let’s recognize those who are paving the way]

Methodology: About this List
This 2010 list is an update from the original I started in 2008, it was woefully out of date as people moved around.  This list is updated, as I’ve separated the large technology section in HW vs SW and am only linking to LinkedIn accounts.

A majority of this data is based off submissions in the 2008 post, which most which are self-submissions or from their fellow colleagues and we only link to their already public profile in LinkedIn for verification.  We’ve spend days compiling this data, but due to the content ever changing, we expect there to be some inaccuracies, leave a comment if you see something that needs fixing. Thanks to Sonal Mehta a student at American University who I’ve hired helped me in this research.

Read Carefully: How to get on this List
In a world of noise, curation becomes very valuable, as a result, there are very specific requirements for this list, which include:  1) You must have a public LinkedIn profile page, as this is one of the best way to verify employment. 2) The profile indicates that social media is part of your full time employee role at the corporation–not just for personal or casual use.  3) You must work at an enterprise class corporation with more than 1000 employees, 4) Must be on brand side  5) You’ll kindly leave a comment below with the submission for review.   Due to excess volume, submissions by Twitter and emails or other channels will not be included, kindly leave a comment in this centralized area below.

In an effort to keep information in a tight scope, I’m not able to include folks who are doing great work in other sectors.  However, if you decide to create a list for other sectors, I’ll prominently link to it from this post.  Update: Here’s a growing list for non-profits.

Sign Up For Upcoming Free Report: Skillset of the Social Media Strategist
The Altimeter Group is developing a free research report, on “Skillsets of Social Media Strategists” and will identify the attributes, backgrounds, experience of this emerging role, if you’re interested in receiving a copy, please register on this form.  We will use portions of the data found in this post for the research report, so thanks for helping to update it.

Social Media Strategists at Corporations
The strategist is a program manager, who mainly focuses internally rather than being the external public face like the community manager. They are primarily responsible for resources, processes, teams, they are usually internally focused and ultimately, return on investment.



Business Services

Consumer Product Goods

Electronics, Devices, Mobile

Financial Services

Health and Life Sciences

Hospitality, Food Service

Government, Armed Services, Education

Media and Entertainment


Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer

Technology, Software, Internet

Community Managers at Corporations
The  community manager is primarily externally facing, and interacts with customers as the public face of the company.  They are primarily customer advocates, evangelists, bloggers, community moderators,  and experts at using social technologies to communicate.  We honor them every fourth Monday of January on Community Manager Appreciation Day.  To keep the focus tight, this list is only of corporate community managers, and not those on contract at community platform vendors or service companies on contract.


Business Services

Government, Armed Services, Education

Hospitality and Travel

Electronics, Devices, Mobile

Financial Services


Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer

Technology, Software, Internet

Social Media Researchers and Social Media Product Managers at Corporations
When I started this list in 2008, I didn’t have a specific slot for researchers and product managers who are creating these products. These roles are not folks who are using the technologies for marketing, support, or other business use cases (end users) but instead are researching and creating the products that the above professionals will use in their jobs.

I’m passionate about what these folks do, as I, myself, was a strategist/community manager at an enterprise corporation a few years ago.   Update: Thanks to Altimeter’s Andrew Jones for the assistance on the updates.

439 Replies to “List of Corporate Social Media Strategists, Corporate Community Managers in 2010”

  1. Hi Jeremiah: we've spoken before via email. I am the community manager for Martindale-Hubbell Connected, a network of 25,000+ legal professionals. Our company LexisNexis has over 10,000 employees, and you can check out my Linkedin profile here: // Thanks! Mike

  2. Hi Jeremiah,

    If you are able to squeeze me in on the list of Social Media Stratgeists, based on the work I do the “Business Services” category would probably be the best fit.



  3. I hadn't considered recruitment professions for this list, let me think it over. This scope could get really large if I start including folks that use these technologies as part of their job vs a majority of their job.

  4. Hi Jeremiah,

    Just as a point of clarification, the majority of my professional time is dedicated to using New Media to drive measurable business results. Is that really any different from anyone else on that list?

    If you're worried about the bar being set too low, suggest a possible litmus for additional inclusion would be those sm practitioners who have successfully presented award-winning social media case studies for unbiased peer review that have tied social media strategies to meeting business objectives and establishing ROI.

    The Mobile Marketing Association and Forrester Research did not make a distinction about the industry I am in when objectively reviewing the sm work I had submitted for peer review. They judged it on its merits. I think you should, too. I hope you do.



  5. Thanks for taking the time to compile such a great resource, Jeremiah.

    FYI, Paula Berg is no longer with Southwest Airlines.

    (By the way, I think I would fit all the criteria for inclusion here, but only by counting the size of our parent corporation Dun & Bradstreet [c. 5,000 employees], not just Hoover's [c. 500 employees].)

  6. Thanks Michael, No doubt you've achieved quite a bit. I understand your point of view.

    Let me think it over for a few days, as more requests come in, I'll have a better sense for scope. Check out the previous post I did on this, this discussion on 'scope' went on for hundreds and hundreds of comments.

    Can you give me some time to carefully think it over?

  7. Hi Jeremiah,


    I am passionate about what I do in this space. That's what makes it fun for me and worthwhile.

    I am a fan of Chalene's and by extension Altimeter. I look forward to reading your posts, especially. Saw a recent online video interview you had done. It was very good and was shot in your office. They even panned a few times on the “altimeter” you had by the bookcase. You had a colleague who presented with you that came more from the tech side which provided a nice balance.

    If I don't make your list it's not the end of the world and I certainly won't sour on Charlene, Altimeter, or you.

    Keep aspiring to move the “needle”. It inspires me.

    All the best,


  8. Oops – you also have a section for Electronics, Devices and Mobile – that sounds just right 🙂

  9. Hi Jeremiah: I work for a large & public hospitality company that has a marketing team of 3 (myself included). As a result, and as the Web/Interactive Marketing Manager, I wear (truly!) all 3 social media hats with majority focus & time being spent on Community Manager (Facebook & Twitter) followed by Strategist. Would be honored to be added to your list.

    Many thanks for your consideration.

  10. Hey Jeremiah,

    Thanks for including me (and Yahoo!) on your list of Technology/Software/Internet Community Managers 🙂

    It's always great to be included– am currently working on CM efforts for Y! Groups, Answers, and Delicious (phew!)– it's great to see so many SM strategists and CM's in the corporate sphere. Love to know that the efforts are being recognized on such a broad scale.

    -Melissa Daniels

  11. Jeremiah,

    Thanks for keeping your list up to date. You have no idea how helpful your list is for those of us in this industry to network w/each other! There are a few others at Yahoo! too, though. Elsa Chang of Upcoming, Heather Champ at Flickr, Zach Sheppard at Flickr, Marilyn Jaynes at Answers and Brenda Law at Shine. There used to be many more of us, but I think that's it for us at present. Let me know if I need to post their LI profiles.

  12. Hi Jeremiah,

    I'd appreciate being included in your list. Although my role with didn't start out to include community management, it's a responsibility I have inherited recently by way of a corporate reorganization. I have been following your blog for over a year and have found your insights invaluable in preparing me for my expanding role.
    LinkedIn profile:

  13. Jeremiah,
    FIrstly, love the stuff you guys at Altimeter are doing. Your new perspective is refreshing.
    On this topic – I know that you might get flooded with submissions if you don't put guidelines in place – but the 1,000 employee floor might, I believe, exclude some of the most creative work going on.

  14. Hey Jeremiah, great list – I'd love to get on it 🙂

    I am Senior Product Manager for Martindale-Hubbell Connected, the site Mike Mintz (here on this list) is a community manager of. We have over 25,000 members from the legal industry and is a thriving and exciting community.

    Here's my LinkedIn profile for references to my involvement in the social media and communities world in past 10 years. I have worked to grow different communities (from kids, music, art through gaming, and now – lawyers), devised social media strategy for different large organizations of over 1000 people, and have done my Masters majoring on New Media, Information and Society on a research track.

    Thanks for considering me!

  15. Thank you Alin, how cool, I added your profile to the lnist.

    Interesting, you're helping lawyers with social, what are you doing for them? It it for lawyers to support each other, or to use the tools for their own marketing?

  16. Thanks Donald.

    For quality information, enforced criteria really helps to keep things organized.

    The good news is, anyone who wants to create a similar list for companies under 1000 employees can start one. I'll prominently link to it. However expect to spend weeks building and maintaining it

    (this one took us a hours and hours to get in order)

  17. Kurt, thanks for the kind words. It always makes me feel satisfied that I can help folks, using these tools. I checked out your profile, very impressive, however I'm keeping the scope tight, and at this time, looking for folks at companies that have an employee base at a certain size. I'm encouraging someone to create a list for SMB space, which I'll prominently link to. I hope you continue to expand in your career and role, thank you so much for reading.

  18. Robyn my long time friend. It's great to hear from you since our podcasting days.

    How is this list helpful to you? I'd love to hear.

    I'll add those folks as suggested.

    Also, BTW: I'm trying to get the attention from Yahoo Mail, can you assist?

  19. Colleen

    Thanks, I've not heard much about NCR, so it was interesting to check out the website, sounds like a big part of consumers every day life, but we probably don't even know it. I added you.

  20. I nominate U.S. Navy Commander Scott McIlnay ( for this list. He is the director of the Emerging Media Integration division in the Navy Office of Information, essentially he's the guy behind the entire Navy's social media efforts. So a little disclosure on my part … In addition to my life as a professor at UGA, I am a Navy Reservist assigned to his team 🙂 GO NAVY!

  21. Sweetser, great idea, added. I created a brand new category for this. I was invited to join the USS Stennis, but it's been postponed, hoping to come aboard soon.

  22. Jeremiah,
    I would like to be considered for inclusion as a Social Media Strategist. I manage web services at the University of Maryland Medical System which includes responsibility for our social media program. I also maintain an active and growing list of hospitals that use social media on my blog at The list currently tracks over 500 hospitals and has links to over 1,000 social media sites.
    My linkedin profile is at

  23. Thanks Jeremiah!

    Great question – what the service is offering and building towards is a good mix of both business development as well as marketing tools, mainly B2B, and I see it growing to offer knowledge management tools via social tools. Platform wise we offer online networking tools, blogs, groups and forums as communication mechanism, and this year we're looking to add some more cooler features tailored to the legal industry.

    On the engagement level – as Mike can tell you – we offer monthly events that are a mix of webinars, twinterviews, guest blogs, all centered around a dedicated, contextually and timely relevant topics. The two recent events, for example, we reviewed social media in 2009 and how it changed the way lawyers do business (an event we did for Dec 2009), and this month we're looking into navigating the ethical pitfalls in social media – Mike can tell you all about it 🙂

  24. Totally Iove that you do this list but am of course sad not included and am asking to be added – I do Social Media Strategy for Microsoft's Bing, have done so since before launch of the product and I'm in LinkedIn with that listed. Find me on twitter @baoki .

  25. Thanks for adding me to the list! as I am performing less of a community management role and more of integrating social media elements into a product, processes and organization, wondering if I should be on the Social Media Strategist list? Happy to be one both 🙂 happy to be on it at all – so wherever you think is right!

  26. Thanks Jeremiah! You've inspired me to stop being a slacker on LinkedIn so it's all to the good. I've a New Year's resolution to clean it up and add people and you've inspired me why it's so important. 😉

    Have a great year – hope to see you soon.

    Betsy Aoki, Bing

  27. Jerimiah–great seeing you at Smash Summit Supper a few weeks ago. Love the list and we still need to catch-up a bit more. Wanted to share this list with you from Sree Sreenivasan of social media editors and executives at media outlets for inclusion – Doesn't have links to their LinkedIn profiles but should be a good resource. Hope this helps. See you soon,


  28. Jeremiah,

    Thanks for the list. A couple of clarifications for Intuit:

    1. Scott K. Wilder, GM “ Online Communities / Social Media, Intuit…no longer works at Intuit.

    2. I work with Christine Morrison in TurboTax driving social media from the communications side. Would love to be on the list along with my coworkers at Intuit. Here is my LinkedIn:….

    Thanks for keeping the list current…very helpful resource.

  29. Such a list coule be useful. I am afraid I totally disagree with some of your criteria. Mainly 3) You must work at an enterprise class corporation with more than 1000 employees, 4) Must be on brand side – Many Social Media strategists are not in corporations. I'll just mention for example Miguel Membrado from Kimind, who created hist own company. While it is easy to collect corporate social media analysts, many of the innovators are not in the corporation side.

  30. Thank you Jeremiah. By the way, I read your posts & tweets faithfully and want to thank you for helping me become a better digital marketer by providing relevant learning, news & information that I'm able to apply every day.

    PS: Our portions ARE huge making them perfect to share or as a second meal! Love the Palo Alto location; been there a few times myself.

  31. Hi Jeremiah, It was good to meet you on your recent trip to Memphis. Great work compiling all these people.

    When you start your non-profit list, I'd love to be a part of it. I handle social media strategy for a large non-profit. My team is responsible for the long-term vision of our overall web properties. Here is my profile:


  32. Hi Jeremiah, It was good to meet you on your recent trip to Memphis. Great work compiling all these people.

    When you start your non-profit list, I'd love to be a part of it. I handle social media strategy for a large non-profit. My team is responsible for the long-term vision of our overall web properties. Here is my profile:


  33. Hi Jeremiah, It was good to meet you on your recent trip to Memphis. Great work compiling all these people.

    When you start your non-profit list, I'd love to be a part of it. I handle social media strategy for a large non-profit. My team is responsible for the long-term vision of our overall web properties. Here is my profile:


  34. Good to talk to you too! I miss doing the podcast sometimes 🙂 One example of how this list will help is that I'm trying to put together a 'developer community' networking thing, since there are more than a handful of us who are CMs or similar for developer communities now, and I think we could all learn a great deal from each other. The list is a great way to know who does what, where, and that's very helpful… Your earlier list served a similar purpose for me.

    This is what I found for Elsa, though it's not the prettiest url so there may be a better one: (her profile is not completely up to date).

    I'll be glad to help you w/mail. Ping me via email and we'll get you some help! Cheers 🙂

  35. Pierre

    I actually agree with your disagreement 😉

    This isn't a list of innovators, but of those using the technologies that the innovators have created. Well, let me back up a bit, as some of the projects these folks are doing are indeed very innovative, but you get what I'm saying.

    I focus on THREE spheres as an industry watcher: Community (aka consumers), Business (primarily this list) and Technology (Where you'll find those innovators). I'm cognizant of being balanced on all three spheres, and agree with you, this list is focused on the business sphere alone.

    The great news is, if you wanted to create a list of innovators and keep it updated, I'll be happy to link to it from this post.

  36. Kelly thanks for submitting. According to LinkedIn, SPEED channel has less than a thousand employees, which is the threshold for the way I'm defining enterprise companies.

  37. Jeremiah – I'll try not to be hurt that I didn't make your first pass! – but seriously, great idea and would love to be included when you update (for The Estee Lauder Companies of course; think I'd need a whole other category for Executive Moms). 🙂

    Let me know if you need anything, and thanks! Hope to talk soon,

    Marisa Thalberg

  38. We should talk, then. Someone from the organization – or the PR firm – went with an ad hominem attack against me because they didn't like my review of RockSugar on Yelp.

  39. Excellent stuff Jeremiah as I am about to embark on a campaign for three of my father's Nationwide Insurance agencies. Trying to get in touch with Shawn Morton of Nationwide to see how he can help me. Would've been tough to find him if it wasnt for you!

    Thanks again!

  40. Hi Jeremiah, I run Social Media Marketing at Webtrends, which is both an internally facing strategy role and external engagement. Do I make sense to add to your list?

  41. A couple things, though our Feed division is further along than dairy at the moment, connecting with customers with “ask the expert” advice, though more is in the works. Dairy has a number of things in the works for 2010, and those will make it live by mid summer. Internally, there is ongoing education opportunities and challenges that I'm working on. You can find our Horse Feed folks on Facebook (…) and twitter (

    Thanks Jeremiah!


  42. A couple things, though our Feed division is further along than dairy at the moment, connecting with customers with “ask the expert” advice, though more is in the works. Dairy has a number of things in the works for 2010, and those will make it live by mid summer. Internally, there is ongoing education opportunities and challenges that I'm working on. You can find our Horse Feed folks on Facebook (…) and twitter (

    Thanks Jeremiah!


  43. Hi Jeremiah,
    Thanks for the list. This is great networking help. I'd also like to be included on your list going forward. I'm the new social media strategist and community manager for BBVA Compass, the U.S. subsidiary of one of the top 10 financial services organizations in the world. My linked in profile is:

  44. Hey, Jeremiah. Thanks for pulling this list together; not only am I honored to be a part of it, but I am a big believer in the value of lists curated by experts (look for more on that subject out of Humana's innovation center soon!).
    I also have some suggestions to add to the list:
    Alexandra Wheeler, Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks
    Ed Bennett, Director of Web Strategy at U of Maryland Medical System
    Nick Dawson, Director of Community Engagement at Bon Secours Health System
    Holly Potter, VP of Public Relations at Kaiser Permanente

    And I'll probably think of a few more … it's amazing how rapidly this field is growing in the health space.

  45. I am excited to be at the forefront of the Social Media Initiative that A.C. Moore has started. Since our September launch we've grown leaps and bounds–and look forward to expanding our role in the Social Media field this year (and beyond)!

  46. Would like to be included on list. Winton “Sonny” Adcock.. Intel Corp. Strategist & Community Manager. Sales & Marketing Group/Support Engineering.

  47. Hi Jeremiah

    This list is a great idea and a great resource (to go along with your blog, which is already a great resource). I'd love to be included on the list under the Social Media Strategist area in Financial Services. I am Director of Digital/Web Strategy at The Hanover Insurance Group. Here's my LinkedIn profile:


    David Meiselman

  48. Thanks Greg, I'm glad you thought of others.

    I added Alexandra, ya know, 'Starbucks Ideas' ends up in my presos (and Charlene's too) frequently.

    I didn't see any indicators on Ed's profile he's involved in social, that's a criteria for me, could you kindly ask him to be more descriptive and then comment on this direct thread? I'm all ears.

    I need your help, what's Nicks' LinkedIn profile?

    I think I was on a panel with Holly recently in SF. She's done amazing things, if I recall correctly.

    Greg, thanks for being a community advocate, appreciated.

  49. I added her. I saw some folks on Twitter suggesting that “this isn't social media, it's just PR folks using social” or something to that regard.

    My hope is the titles are as important as the work that's being done. I spend time reading each profile and understanding their responsibility.

  50. You spoke to me – back when we were just getting off the ground. Thanks for adding me!

  51. We are lucky enough to have Paula out here in Denver, Colorado. Haven't met her myself but hope to soon. She is great.

  52. Thanks Jeremiah. After being a reader and very occasional commenter of your blog, it's great to “meet” you too!

    We are at the early stages of strategy development in using social to support our partner agents, provide service to our policy holders, and help to empower our employees. Happy to share more details as we progress and would love to hear your thoughts and findings as they apply in our space.

  53. Hi Jeremiah,

    Can you please add my name to the list of my industry colleagues under the Health and Life Sciences category? I handle social media for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Erin Macartney ( You can also find me at

    The Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) is a not-for-profit health care organization that is a pioneer in the multispecialty group practice of medicine. PAMF's more than 900 affiliated physicians and 4,300 employees serve more than 655,000 patients at its medical centers and clinics in Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. PAMF is part of the Peninsula Coastal Region of Sutter Health, one of the nation's leading not-for-profit networks of community-based health care providers. For more info, visit,,

    Thank you, Jeremiah!

  54. Hi Jeremiah,
    I am honored to be on your list, but our social media efforts here at Southwest are really a team effort, and I am just one member of that team.

  55. Thanks Melissa. One of the thresholds of this list is to look at enterprise sized companies (1000 employees) LinkedIn shows that Softcom has about 50 folks, is LinkedIn incorrect?

  56. Hi Jeremiah,
    I've been quietly following your blog since your early days as “Site/web strategist”. Following your lead 🙂 I've moved from a web strategy role to the social media marketing team at Cisco. I had a few short months working for and learning from Brian Ellefritz before he left for SAP and am now eagerly looking forward to working on Jeanette Gibson's new team. I would love to be added to your list.

    Stephanie Marx

  57. Hello Jeremiah – great list! I know it's not easy to keep it up to date. Takes a long time, I'm sure. Would like to be added in the social media strategist at corporations list. Don't see a category for diversified industrials, though…
    Donna Tocci
    Director, Web/New Media
    Ingersoll Rand

  58. Sure. You can visit our Web site ( or find us on Facebook (McGladrey News) or on Twitter (McGladreyPRNews).

    If there is anything else I can do to assist, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Terri D. Andrews
    Public Relations Manager, RSM McGladrey
    4725 Piedmont Row Dr., Suite 300
    Charlotte, NC 28210-4280
    Office: 980.233.4710
    Cell: 704.877.1730
    Follow me on Twitter @ McGladreyPRNews

  59. Jeremiah – would humbly like to add my name to the Social Media Strategist list as I currently lead Booz Allen Hamilton's social media practice for our government clients ( I've got a team of people here who support our clients in integrating social media into their communications plans. Great post and great resource as always Jeremiah – looking forward to talking with you at the next event!

  60. This is great Jeremiah and thank you for always offering up your help with these informative lists. I really want to have a panel at Blog World Expo on the social media manager/director/collaborator or whatever the title is, to discuss their duties and roles and corporate structure. Perhaps I could get you to moderate it? Let me know.

  61. Perhaps the criteria being used to place people on this list needs to be revisited. As an example, when you perform a Google search on the person's name, especially the one's that aren't common names, I'd think there *should* be more than a handful of links to minimal content. It begs the question, should “leaders” demonstrate that they've been proven practitioners?

  62. Would love to be added as well. I've even interviewed Charlene Li last year for my video blog…I'm a video blogger/social media strategist at Cisco in WW Channels. I manage the Channels blog, @Cisco_Channels, CiscoChannels You Tube account, and also a Cisco partner community called Channels Buzz.

    Here's my LinkedIn:

  63. Hi Jeremiah! Thanks for all the hard work you do in this space, your posts and twitter have been a source of valuable information and inspiration throughout my young(ish) career.

    I'm Tom Fishman, Manager, Social Media & Community for MTV Networks. I drive brand awareness, community building, engagement and listening strategy on-site and across social and emerging media platforms. Would love to be included in your directory. Here's a link to my public LinkedIn page:

    Thanks again!

  64. I agree there dhdeans, but proving this level of detail is going to be very difficult to ascertain.

    What's interesting is that I know about 33% of these folks professionally, have met them, or they were former clients. Those listed at the top of most of these sections I can personally vouch for and know about their programs.

  65. Steve

    Nice to meet you. Can you better help me understand your job? Are you a consultant that helps clients with social media? Or, are you working in marketing or support that uses social to reach prospects and customers?

  66. Melissa, I have simliar questions to others with consultant title. Are you working at CareerBuilder as a full time employee? Can you help me understand? I wasn't sure from your profile.

  67. Kate. Nice meeting you. Can you help me understand your role? I had similar questions with other folks that are consulting, are you a full time employee of Panasonic? I'm seeking folks in FTE positions. Say hi to the crayon folks!

  68. Hi Jeremiah – This list is fantastic – I always look forward to the updates….as Chief Evangelist/Partner of Mr Youth, a leading Social Media agency, I wonder if you would consider listing me under “Business Services”?


    Laura Levitan

  69. Hi Jeremiah – Thank you so much for this list – I look forward to the updates. As Chief Evangelist/Partner of Mr Youth, a leading social media agency, I wonder if you would consider adding me under “Business Services”? I look forward to your response.



  70. Hey, Jeremiah, thanks for the add! We have a knowledge-based approach to our social media programs, both in the recruiting and client marketing aspects of our business.

  71. Hi Jeremiah! I would be thrilled to be on your list of Corporate Social Media Strategists… I work for AAA of Northern California, Nevada & Utah as their Social Media Strategist (working on internal as well as external SM strategies) & Senior Online Product Manager for eBusiness (primarily our Discounts and Telematics/Mobile lines of business).

    You can see my LinkedIn profile at As a side note, I'm speaking at the Social Media & Community 2.0 Strategies Conference ( on May 3rd in Boston where your partner Charlene is giving the keynote – looking forward to introducing myself there if I get the chance.

    Thanks Jeremiah! I'm a regular reader of your blog — where I've gained more valuable insight than anywhere else — and an avid follower on Twitter 🙂

  72. Hello Jerimiah. I would like to ask for review of my profile on LinkedIn . You'll be able to see that I am a featured speaker on Social Media issues during the Automotive DIgital Dealer Conferences and contributing editor for the Digital Dealer Magazine. I am further the Digital Marketing and Social Media Ambassador for the Cobalt Group, Seattle (the leading Automotive Marketing Services company). I appreciate your time and wanted thank you in advance for taking a “peek”…respectfully @VJnator

  73. Jeremiah, understood. But, I'm not questioning if you know these people, or if they are in fact “managing” the programs for the companies that employ them. In contrast, I'm merely making the observation that many don't appear to have an apparent history of substantive online engagement.

  74. Thanks Jeremiah! I've been in NY for the past week attending Legal Tech and other meetings. When I get back to Jerusalem, I'd love to set up a Skype video interview if you have some time. I know you are busy so anything you can do will be great. Mike

  75. Hi Jeremiah (and Alin – can't wait to have dinner this week!),

    I saw this string after I posted my last comment. One of the big things we are working on this year is creating engaging opportunities for lawyers on our network. Helping them to see how social media platforms can be a useful part of their workflow rather than a distraction is one of our main goals. By using more evolved social tools than email, time can be saved, best practices better shared, and clients better served.

    As Alin mentioned our most powerful offerings are member events, where we focus on a topic for about a week or two. Most recently we did one called “Navigating the Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media,” which culminated in a webinar for CLE credits. Along with our panelists we plan on crowdsourcing an e-book on this topic to be presented to the community at the end of March.

    The skype video interview I keep bugging you about (=P) is another tool we are using to give people a voice in our community. I have posted 5 of these so far on our YouTube channel and my goal is to collect at least 30 by the end of the year, highlighting the work of lawyers, social media experts, and technology innovators. Here's a link:

    Hope you can check out our community, and it would be great to get your feedback.



  76. Jeremiah,

    My bad. I should have made it clearer, I am an internal employee community manager, ergo, I should be added to the former list under Social Media Strategists at Corporations. Could you add an 'r' to the end of my company's name, please? It should read 'Reed Elsevier'.

    I don't know how you keep up with all the comments/replies. Nice job Jeremiah.


  77. Hi Jeremiah,
    Nice speaking with you the other day! I have a new role at HP as chief blogger and community manager, an online portal for customers of web-connected printers. I'll be building the community from the ground up and am currently focused on developing influencer/internal community strategy and external social media strategy.

    Please consider adding me to your list of Community Managers at Corporations/Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer.

    You can find me on LinkedIn here:
    You can find me on Twitter here: and <- new account

    Thanks – have a great week and hope to see you soon.

  78. Please add me to the list under the following category:

    Government, Armed Services, Education
    Sherri Maxson, Director Social Media, DeVry University

  79. Hey Jeremiah and Brian, thanks again for maintaining this excellent list. A personal update, including a few new colleagues:

    As of February, I'm Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media, for Red Bull North America, based in Santa Monica, as reflected on .

    My new boss, Kevin Doohan (, and counterpart, Nate Warner (, who now leads Red Bull's global social strategy from our Salzburg HQ, would both slot nicely into your CPG Strategists categories.

    I've tweeted about your updates and will eventually add everyone to my Social Media Twitter list:

    Cheers, in social adventure. ~ Andrew

  80. Yes, I'm thrilled to part of Jeanette's new team. I'm based in Seattle but hopefully will bump in to you at one of the CA events this spring or summer. Thanks for adding me to the list.

  81. I'd very much appreciate being included in this conversation. In addition to educating staff and customers on our solutions, I also wear a community manager hat for an ever-growing portion of my work week. We are using an online community to support, educate and connect our customers. The results: faster track to success, increased customer references and improved customer experience.

    Connect with me on:

  82. Yes, we did meet during Shel's book release breakfast… I'd like to think you remembered b/c I had something interesting to say, but in fact we talked about the “hub-and-spoke” model of social media governance in corporate America… sounds familiar? Thanks for adding me.

  83. Hi Jeremiah, I would like to be added under Social Media Strategist for Hospitality,Food Services. I'm the Director of Doubletree Online Marketing at Hilton Worldwide and manage our brand Twitter account (@doubletreehtls) and our Facebook page (

    My LinkedIn profile is available at

    Thank you so much!


  84. Hey Jeremiah, I would love to get added to your list under “Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer”. I am currently the Lead Strategist, Social Media for the AIM organization within IBM. This covers all of Smart Work, WebSphere, SOA and some BPM. I also manage all of the social profiles under this categories including the twitter ids @SmartSOA, @ibmsmartwork, @ibmimpact, and my personal @slazarus as well as Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Blogger Communities, and more.

    We had also worked together in the past when I was on Sandy Carter's team and you were at Forrester for Impact last year.

  85. Hey Jeremiah,
    Thanks for including me and Len! While Polly doesn't officially work in SM or Community, her passion for social media has certainly helped us move forward by showing employees that VPs too “get it” and the power of social media as an effective channel for recruiting new talent. We're lucky to have such a great group of voices!


  86. Thanks Jim! I looked at your company's profile on LinkedIn, is the number of employees listed as correct? This list has a threshold of 1000 min, let me know if LI is incorrect.

  87. This is a global list Chris. I've been to Singapore and love it! Can you please update your LinkedIn profile and list out how you've used social media? That's a criteria for this list.

  88. Thanks Niall. I'm holding off on agencies for the time being, as the list would become unmanageable.

    Can you help me understand? Are you in corporate marketing at H&K that represents the brand that is called H&K?

    or, are you customer facing?

  89. Laura

    It was great speaking to your team recently on a briefing. Right now, this list is for enterprise class companies, please let me know if LinkedIn's count of Mr Youth's employee base is incorrect.

  90. There are flaws to this methodology, but the research required to find out their extensive backgrounds isn't within my means.

    I am however, doing research on key themes and trends across these roles –more to come.

  91. Terri

    I found your company page, it meets the threshold number. I'm so sorry to be a pain, but could you please update your LinkedIn profile page with details on how you're using social? I'm taking the time to vet this list and want to keep it at a certain level of consistency.

    I'm not picking on you, honest! Thanks, and email me if you get stuck.


  92. Jeremiah, you can quickly determine real online engagement, and it's easy to get the background on any individual. Just perform a Google search with the person's name in quotes — like “david h deans” — and you'll see if they're an active “practitioner” (with multiple profiles, a history of commentary, and a meaningful point of view). With this simple test, you can then list people who have truly “earned” the right to be profiled as a corporate SM strategy leader.

  93. Hi Jeremiah,

    What a brilliant list – thanks for keeping it current. Could you add me please? I am the Global Internet & Social Media Manager for Siemens Enterprise Communications – . We would sit under Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer. I am also active on Twitter under my married name Gail Twist @gailtwist.
    Thanks in advance!

  94. Jeremiah –

    We do not currently have a corporate LinkedIn account (other than our recruiting account, which is managed by our HR team).

    Thank you.

    Terri D. Andrews
    Public Relations Manager, RSM McGladrey
    4725 Piedmont Row Dr., Suite 300
    Charlotte, NC 28210-4280
    Office: 980.233.4710
    Cell: 704.877.1730
    Follow me on Twitter @ McGladreyPRNews
    Facebook Fan Page: McGladrey News

  95. Hi Jeremiah,

    I would like to be added under Technology, Software …

    Venson Kuchipudi, Sr. Director, Social Computing Strategy, Infor

    For now, I'm acting as both the strategist and the community manager, but part of my strategy is building out the community management team and then focus on enabling them.



  96. Hi Jeremiah –

    Could you please move me, Kelly Colgan, from Electronics, Devices & Mobile to Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer? Thank you!

    Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist, Schneider Electric

  97. It is not correct JO – we are just over 100 (recently acquired a Canadian office in Vancouver) – not sure if that meets your threshold. We are niche innovation people, but our clients are 25% of the Fortune 100 so that's gotta count for something 🙂

  98. Great list, Jeremiah. Thanks for the inclusion! I'm excited to see what everyone else on this list is working on and hopefully can learn from them.

  99. Jeremiah,

    I'd like to be added on the Technology section. Thanks so much for maintaining this list. You were kind enough to include me in the people on the move in social media thread of posts when I moved to Brother International Corporation. I'm happy to say I'm still with Brother working hard to educate and transition Brother to a company who is providing a seamless customer experience. Great paper on 18 Use Cases for Social CRM I read on Get satisfaction today by the way!

    Adam Gershenbaum, Marketing Communications Specialist – Internet. Brother International Corporation

    In addition to managing our SEO and PPC programs I'm also responsible for creating, managing and growing their social media program.

    My Linkedin Profile:
    +1,000 employees
    Company on Linkedin:

    Thanks, Jeremiah! Have a great weekend.


  100. Jeremiah,

    I'd like to be added on the Technology section. Thanks so much for maintaining this list. You were kind enough to include me in the people on the move in social media thread of posts when I moved to Brother International Corporation. I'm still there. Great paper on 18 Use Cases for Social CRM I read on Get satisfaction today by the way!

    Adam Gershenbaum, Marketing Communications Specialist – Internet. Brother International Corporation

    In addition to managing our SEO and PPC programs I'm also responsible for creating, managing and growing their social media program.

    My Linkedin Profile:
    +1,000 employees
    Company on Linkedin:

    Thanks, Jeremiah! Have a great weekend.


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  102. Thanks, I'd like to pass on the contact info. for a few of my colleauges from DoD and the other services:
    Jack Holt with DoD:
    COL Kevin Arata with the U.S. Army:
    LT Connie Braesch with the U.S. Coast Guard:
    Ms. Lindy Kyzer with the U.S. Army:
    Mr. Paul Bove with the U.S. Air force:

  103. Hey Jeremiah!

    I'd like to be added to your list! I'm the Director of Social Media & Commerce for PETCO. Was Global Operations Manager for Dell's Social Program prior to joining PETCO.

    Natalie Malaszenko

  104. Hi Jeremiah,

    I am supposedly the first “Chief Social Media Officer” in Belgium… I am lucky enough to work 200% of my time on social media for business communications (internal & external) and collaboration at the Van Marcke Group of companies, a family held international group active in B2B and B2C. I report to the owners of the company and have no other responsibilities apart from social media. We employ 1600 people in 7 countries and are headquartered in Belgium.

    Here's my LinkedIn profile:

    I would love to meet/network with other people like me across the globe but also (especially) in Europe. There is a real need for sound case studies and examples here on the “old continent”…

    Thanks for your excellent work & information !

  105. Hi Jeremiah,

    I would like to be included in the next update of this list. Since October I have been the Community Manager at Verizon. This full-time role is focused on Verizon's forums and blogs, as well as being a part of Verizon's overall social media team.

    My LinkedIn profile can be found here:

    By the way, I just found this list which is a great resource for reaching out to others doing what I do. Thank you!

  106. interesting list @jowyang

    what about those of us, who are preaching and reaching for the “open leadership” and “open learning” quest, be it called Learning 2.0 or otherwise … I suspect there is a new category that identifies those, like me, whom are utilizing social media as a way in which to bring about a new type of leadership in the organization, along with a new type of learning … social learning

    that's the new cat's meow

  107. Jeremiah –

    I’d be honored if you included me in the “Technology, Hardware, Networking, Component, Computer” category under the “Social Media Strategists at Corporations” section. I’m the Director of Corporate Social Media Relations at Juniper Networks. Linkedin Profile here:



  108. Smart move. Would like to be included on this list. Do you require any more information? I assume you'll check out my profile on LinkedIn.

  109. Hi Jeremiah,

    While I've not had the chance to meet you yet, I'd be very happy to be included. I'm Director of Communities here at Juniper Networks — responsible for both our official community (J-Net) and many of our social media properties. I also have the pleasure of having Anton Chiang (listed) as a part of my team. Many thanks for you consideration and hope to cross paths one day soon.

    Cheers/Todd Shimizu

  110. Thanks Todd, I look forward to meeting you too. I think I've met some of your predecessors.

    I'm going to update this list in the near future, thanks all.

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    oil company in Iraq (IRQOILBOARD) until his death on a bomb attack 2004. Before his death he

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  112. Hi Jeremiah!

    I would also like to be added to the list as a strategist under Electronics, Devices, Mobile. I'm working on the both roles (e.g. &, but more on the strategy side on global level at Nokia.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Jussi-Pekka Erkkola

  113. Super helpful list, Jeremiah. It's great to be able to check out the work of peers in the industry since we're all still learning what works best in social media.

    I'd love to be included under Social Media Strategists, Technology, Software, Internet:

  114. Jeremiah:

    This is a great idea – thanks for putting all of these professionals into a helpful list. I look after the social media planning and presence for Converse, home of the Chuck Taylor All Star and Jack Purcell sneakers, among others.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Eric J. Oliver
    Director, Digital Brand Communications
    Converse, Inc.

  115. Hi Jeremiah – I'd be honored if you'd add me under the “business services” section – I'm a social media strategist with the Marketing Leadership Council of the Corporate Executive Board, a best practices research firm. I lead social media strategy for the Council.

    LinkedIn profile here:

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  116. I really love this list, and appreciate the effort you're putting into keeping it updated. I'd like to submit Dan Anderson for T-Mobile USA under the “Electronics, Devices, Mobile” heading. His LinkedIn is here: Happy to provide any other info on his activities that definitely qualify him as a corporate social media strategist.

  117. Hi Jeremiah,

    I know we recently spoke on the phone about my new role and you shared some great insights about the work Altimeter Group is doing for companies. I was wondering if you could also include my name in your list of Social Media Strategists at Corporations. Here is my information:

    Christopher Baccus
    Executive Director of Digital & Social Media
    Personal Twitter: @cbaccus
    Corporate Twitter: @ATT
    LinkedIn Profile:

    Thank you and keep up the great content!


  118. This is great. I recommend you do a similar experiment with agencies that represent clients with the corporate structure you defined. I'd be in that category. Thanks.

  119. Wow this is great work!! It's good to see that Social Media is starting to be taken more seriously and that as an industry we are expanding. I can't wait to see next years list!

  120. Thanks for keeping this list active! I believe I fit your criteria, Carolina Velis social media strategist & community manager for Intel Corp. I'm in the Data Center Group, part of Intel Architecture Group.

  121. please add me to your list, I can be found on linkedIn -Anthony Farelli – Social Media Community Manager at Kraft Foods

  122. Rob Shapiro, Oracle, Senior Director, Global Customer Service, Business Social Media

    My organization runs My Oracle Support Community and while you could probably consider me the strategist, I am involved in everything and I also look for opportunities to speak to our customers as well as public engagements – after all, evangelizing is really important.

    My LinkedIn profile:

    Rob Shapiro

  123. Hey Jeremiah, I am in charge of Social Media Strategy for the LDS Church. We don't divulge the number of employees, but I can tell you it fits your criteria. We also have a volunteer force in the tens of millions, some of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, the largest database of online profile (genealogical) data in the world, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, etc., etc. Here's my LinkedIn profile:

  124. Thanks for this great list. If you make updates or are working on a 2011 list, would love to be considered for an addition to the Consumer Packaged Goods category.
    Toby Hedges – Digital Marketing Manager, WhiteWave Foods.

    Linked In:

    Twitter: @tobyhedges

  125. Sorry Jeremiah – only just saw this after looking at the updated list. I’m in corporate marketing at H&K looking after our own brand in social media, and not customer facing.

  126. Sorry Jeremiah – only just saw this after looking at the updated list. I’m in corporate marketing at H&K looking after our own brand in social media, and not customer facing.

  127. Dear,

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  128. hi this is Vincent Lee @liblog from China, working for Edelman Digital. Great list!

  129. They even panned a few times on the “altimeter” you had by the bookcase. You had a colleague who presented with you that came more from the tech side which provided a nice balance.

  130. I think the 4) Must be on brand side requirement is a bit myopic. It would leave aside people like Jennifer Schultz who is the community manager for the Jive implementation at United Health Group. Certainly you don’t mean to indicate that social media is only about brand communications? ;=}

  131. Yes! I was checking this site again and saw that you had replied. I realize it’s a year later. 🙂

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