O’Reilly Webcast Social Business: Taking “Social” to the Core of Your Organization

A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a discussion with Joshua-Michéle Ross (O’Reilly ), Stowe Boyd, thought leader, and Peter Kim (former colleague at Forrester, now at Dachis Group) on the topic of social business.  Listen in, as there’s not really a lot of content on the slides to focus on, while you go about your work, driving, or workout.

17 Replies to “O’Reilly Webcast Social Business: Taking “Social” to the Core of Your Organization”

  1. Guys, come on, this kind of thinking is incredibly primitive and amateur. Have none of your heard of organizational developmental-stage theory, and the modern applications of Information Theory, Cybernetics, and General Systems Theory to the management and organizational sciences?

    Maybe you could start here: http://www.developmentalconsulting.com/pgs/exer

  2. Thanks goodness for good minds who are moving past the “gee-whiz” stage of social media tools!

    Business challenges don't all get solved by waving the social media wand.

  3. I listened to it yesterday for about 10 mins, then again came today as i knew i am going get a lot of practical insights on social business design, I have notes of about 2 pages.
    Thanks for sharing some great info guys….

  4. Interesting conversations, thanks for posting. I think we're going to be discussing “social business” for a long time but more in 2010 near Q3 than ever before.

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