Book Review: Ignore Everybody

Ignore Everybody I get a lot of books across my desk. Very few I get the chance to read, and very few I think are wonderful.  

I was smiling ear to ear on a recent plane trip when reading a book written by cartoonish Hugh MacLeod, someone I’ve met several times and enjoyed reading his sometimes odd –yet insightful blog for many years.  

You see, his book Ignore Everybody, really isn’t a book.  

Instead, you should think of it as as that friend in high school who never followed the rules, but achieved his goals took you out for a beer 20 years later and shakes your shoulders and wakes you up.

Hugh’s book is about creativity and inspiration, how you should draw this energy from within –not from group think, or cubicles, or existing standards.    Like those having a beer –or two– with an inspirational old friend, his book is easy to read on a short flight, and contains his irreverant cartoons.

If you’re reading my blog, you’re likely pushing the limits of creativity of the digital space within your career (just as I like to do too) and this should be a book to grab and keep close to the heart.  I give Ignore Everybody 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which matches it’s soaring amazon ranke of #38 in just three days.

Or, in the spirit of the book, “F-that”, don’t listen to me, go buy it and tell me what you think, and write your own review.

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  1. As someone about to attend her 30th high school reunion, perhaps I should tuck a copy of Hugh’s book under my arm before I walk in. 🙂 Congrats to him and everyone who follows their inner voice.

  2. Matches, lately, I’ve been seeing some pretty hefty social media books appear, Hugh took the opposite approach, found one simple idea, and kept it short and sweet. It’s working for him.

  3. “If you™re reading my blog, you™re likely pushing the limits of creativity of the digital space within your career”….my no shortage of ego here!

  4. Jane

    yeah that didn’t come across right did it.

    I often think the readers of my blog are integrating social within a corporate structure, that requires evangelism, ability to show results and to lead change within big orginizations. They are the heroes, not some commentator like me.

  5. For a few years now I’ve been fearing the potential dogmatic adherence to best practices.. as disintermediation had the psychological impact to make us desperate for a substitute intermediary.. on between us and a direct experience of reality.. (in a somewhat Kantian or Jungian sense) or god forbid.. hearing that inner voice… so seeing such a review of a book on ignoring everyone.. on you’re blog.. one of the patron saint thought leaders of “this would probably make for a good best practice” is.. well quite a nice thing indeed 🙂

  6. Thanks for the recommendation. If I get a chance to read it soon, I’ll leave a comment about it.

  7. I am on twitter, and follow Hugh as part of my learning more about digital/social marketing. But the past month has been so full of “my book launch” “my prints” “My good friend Seth”..i just unfollowed.
    I feel there exists a core group of social media gurus who all are polite and scratch each other’s backs. so A will praise B, who will recommend C…they make sure they pay back each other-social currrency it’s called I believe. Will wait for more reviews to see if there’s anything new, before i go to amazon:-)

  8. Great article. But Jeremiah, please, please, please proofread before posting (or after). Typos detract from your otherwise thoughtful articles

  9. Jeremiah — I recently borrowed this book from our Chief Digital Officer and found it to be a great read. It provides great inspiration for people who want to start something, which I think is going to be more relevant due to the stagnation in personal earnings. In my opinion, there were a few key lessons to the book (see link to my site if you want to read more).

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  10. This book contains some valuable universal truths presented in an interesting way. I would classify it at as a “Leadership Lite” book worthy of downloading to your Kindle or stashed in your briefcase to be read on an airplane.

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