Ongoing List of Social Media Marketing Efforts and Social Networks and Communities for Women

I’ve done a lot of other lists, for a variety of industries, verticals, age groups, but need to spend some time on women. Agencies and brands get to showcase their work (I’ve got great SEO in front of a social media audience) and it’s easy for women to find communities that are interesting to them. Lastly, to be honest, I don’t know that much about the women social space so I need to be educated, help me!

If you do submit, please leave a comment with a URL and a brief description. See my other industry indexes for a variety of other social media efforts tagged industry index.

Demographics, Technographics
Stats related to women and social media.

  • Imedia shows stats showing how women are quickly becoming a dominating demographic in social media
  • Forrester’s technographics can segment women’s use of social media by age, and in some cases, country
  • Ongoing List of Social Media Marketing Efforts and Campaigns for Women
    These instances are more on the shorter term, and are clear examples of social media efforts of brands wanting to connect with women online using social technologies. Sometimes the branding is obvious, sometimes I had to take a deep look into the contact us, or sales page to figure it out.

  • Luvs: Created this sponsored blog to provide tips and tricks to mothers
  • BlogHer Conferences: Multiple brands sponsor the conference, and provide product demos or giveaways
  • Dove: Beauty campaign was integrated, however the YouTube video has strong recall
  • CVS, For All The Ways You Care: allows caretakers to submit stories
  • Pampers Village: A community for mothers with young children, content extends to lifestyle.- Link via Jessica
  • BabyCenter: A community owned by Johnson and Johnson Jessica
  • Mom Logic: AOL’s content portal for women – link via Don
  • Shine: Yahoo’s portal for women, thanks old friend Robyn!
  • Tampax: Being Girl: A community and conversation focused on helping young girls go through adolescence.
  • Marketing Resources
    Trying to reach women from a brand perspective? These resources will help.

  • She-conomy: A guy’s perspective to marketing to women from Stephanie herself
  • Reaching Women Daily: This blog is focused on marketing to women. thanks Andrea
  • She Speaks: Interesting, product review community. thanks Andrea
  • Networks and Communities For Women
    This category tends to lean on the longer term effort from a blog network, online community or other social destination, expect the above category to try to merge with the below and vice versa.

  • BlogHer: The community for women that blog
  • Sugar Network: Our fresh, conversational and witty editorial voices inform, connect, inspire and entertain an audience of over 8 million monthly unique visitors
  • Cafemom: A community and resource for expecting mothers –and beyond!
  • DiveTribe: A Women’s Community of Strenth, Support, and Creativity
  • Suicide Girls: This alternative view is the antithesis of the playboy beauty and shows a truly raw look at beauty defined
  • The Frisky: “Which is why it totally boggled our minds that out of all the gazillions of love, sex, dating, and, um, smut sites for women on the Internet, none of them were relatable. Enter The Frisky” -via Courtenay Bird
  • Jezebel: Celebrity, sex, fashion, for women-via Bukola Ekundayo
  • Kirtsy: Interesting, this is a digg for women. Submit stories, tips, or products.
  • Wowowow: The women on the web, appears to cater to the professional and power women on the internet. -via Bukola Ekundayo
  • A growing-like-wildfire community for digital moms who blog and tweet. Link via Jessica
  • Moms Like Me: A social network that connects local moms, interesting. via Chris Kieff
  • Geek Girl Camp: Tech savvvy women who like unconference. I think I’ve walked into one of these, and know many of these women. Link via Susan Koutalakis
  • She’s Geeky: A technology conference for women. If I were a woman, I would certainly go to this one. Thanks Rachel
  • A growing-like-wildfire community for digital moms who blog and tweet. Link via Jessica
  • MomBloggersClub: A community directed at mommy bloggers. Spinoffs include Gamer Moms and Pregnant Moms. Link via Jessica
  • I’m not Obsessed: “Gossip, without the guilt” clever tag line.
  • I Know Politics – A community for women who either are or wish to become involved in politics around the world. The site is run by a group within the United Nations. link via Devlin Dunsmore
  • Closet Couture: A focus on fashion, outfits, stylists, and other services- thanks @aihui
  • Savvy Auntie: This community helps aunt’s with their relationships with newphew’s and nieces. – thanks Stephanie
  • Girls in Tech: A network for women in business in the technology space. – Thanks Susan
  • GirlGeeks: A community for women in tech –Thanks Christine
  • GirlGeekDinners: network for women to meetup, as you would guess, over dinner. –Thanks Christine
  • Women’s Ties: Network for women entrepreneurs. Thanks Yvonne
  • International Women’s Day: Focuses on a celebrated holiday for decades. Thanks Yvonne
  • Women entrepreneur’s blog Simon Graduate school has this resources for their grads. via Tom.
  • This site indicated that this is aimed at women.
  • Status: For now, I’ve updated this list up to comment #28, and will update when I get time, so far, it’s a very strong list.

    Leave a comment below with a URL and I’ll credit you.