YouTube Videos Get Interactive: Choose Your Own Adventure

Click play on the above video, and wait till the end to see the interactive choices.

With the founder of YouTube Chad Hurley declaring that 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, it’s hard to the growth trends.

Although just a hyperlink on a flash player, YouTube trials this first Interactive Riddle which let’s users choose answers at the end. For interactive marketers, this can lead to new forms of interactions such as quizzes, exploratory product demos, choose your own adventure, virtual world tours, and increased brand engagement. It’ll be interesting to see how video bloggers start to adopt this interactive narrations, or how perhaps how in the future dynamic links can be inserted right on the video to those that may want to add their own responses to existing videos.

(link via Genieclo)

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  1. Another great implementation of these annotations (the technical name for this interactive feature) was done by Samsung in promotion of their Instinct handset ( The series is called “Follow Your Instinct” and it’s basically a choose your own adventure scenario. Quite an interesting and original use of this new functionality from YouTube. I definitely think there is a load of original content that could be created utilizing user interactivity in video such as this.

  2. Being an art grad and seeing my FAVORITE painting of all time, of course I knew the answer.. Sadly the ‘prize’ is pretty disappointing, but still, the technology is quite innovative.

    FYI – Whenever I’m in London I go to the National Gallery to stare at the Arnolfini Marriage for an afternoon…

  3. Only thing stopping this from being utterly awesome is that the clicks should play within the embedded video rather than popping a full YouTube page.

  4. This blog post inspired us (PerkettPR) to use the annotation feature to create out own “Choose Your Own Adventure” video for a new client campaign in support of Text to Land Line messaging.

    YouTube only allows you to link to other existing YouTube videos which makes the call to action a little more tricky if you want to direct people to additional resources like a micro-site, but can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if you could just link to anywhere!

    Here is a link to our video for those who are interested in checking it out:


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