Thank you

Today, I spoke at a cross-departmental audience at Sun Microsystems (I only reveal where I’m speaking if they do it first) in Silicon Valley, I was introduced, and the hostess commented about you. Yes you! She said I had a very educated audience. I’d go on to say more (but don’t get a big head) that I learn every single day from the comments. They are thoughtful, passionate, savvy, and bring interesting perspectives (even when you don’t agree).

If you want to learn about who reads this blog, I did a survey, all the results are public with additional analysis.

I learn every day from the dialog we have (that’s right you don’t have to pay to talk to this analyst, we do it everyday) and it keeps on expanding all of our horizons. So if you’re not reading the comments, you’re really missing out, as we often build on top of my posts, or I’m corrected, and occasionally slapped.

Thanks again for reading and leaving very thoughtful comments, let’s keep on growing.