Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: June 18, 2008


I took a few weeks off from doing this digest, after my Hawaii vacation, but am now back in the groove. If anyone wants to contribute to this on an ongoing weekly basis as a guest editor, let me know.

I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an Industry Analyst.

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Web Strategy Summary
I’m mainly stirred to write this post as two major occurances have woken me back up: LinkedIn acquires quite a bit of cash, (I met with Dan the CEO last week) and MySpace is trying a different strategy to monetize. As usual, more verticals for social networks appear, and cultures continue wrestle with the impact of these tools.

Funding: LinkedIn gains 53 Million in new investing, valued at 1 billion.
What will they do with this money? Go shopping for a competitor to beef up their portfolio, or move into the enterprise 2.0 space with collaborative tools –or both.

Redesign: In a struggle to monetize, MySpace redesigns –ready for brands
Social networks (aside from LinkedIn) are struggling to monetize, myspace, the very cluttered self expression network is now redesigning it’s site, making it easier for brands to advertise and market.

Awareness (White Label) partners with Sharepoint
Awareness is opening it’s doors, making it compatible with CMS/Collaboration tool Sharepoint, which needs ‘social’ features to compete in this market. Expect large companies to make acquisitions in the white label space in the near future.\

White label: yet another launch, Soceeo, Dotster

Soceo launches it’s white label solution (so any brand can have their own Facebook), as well as Dotster, you can already see the very crowded space due to commodity technologies.

Asia: Facebook clones appear
Social networking features are a commodity, that’s why there are so many white label vendors. In this article, it discusses how some are directly copying the success of Facebook and creating their own versions.

Aggregation: Ways to easily follow your friends on the web
Content has fragmented on the web, it’s difficult to find all the conversations your friends and colleagues may be having, this list of tools indicates a growing trend of aggregators.

Culture: Is it bad manners to not friend a requester
I’ve heard of some employees feeling very cautious about adding their boss to their myspace of facebook account –with great reason. Explore what proper netiqqutte is and what’s not.

Verticals: Social Network for Truckers
Layover.com, MyTruckingSpace.com emerge for the transportation professional, I’ve seen examples of these in nearly every vertical and niche.

Verticals: Social Networks for everyone
This 50 most odd social networks listed out by Cnet shows some communities for nearly every niche possible, from medical, sports, babies, and even the deceased.

If I’ve missed a key article or post, leave a comment below.

7 Replies to “Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: June 18, 2008”

  1. Great links!! It will be interesting to see the sites that LinkedIn is said to be buying and also to see if Myspace’s new redesign actually makes the advertising process a more successful one. It could indicate whether or not social networks are worth advertising on to begin with.

  2. About time on the Myspace redesign. The process for contacting them about advertising before was simply ridiculous.

    One would think that since they’re an ad-supported network, they’d make that process as simple as possible, but no–not so much.

    And at the rate the aggregators are popping up, we’ll soon need aggregators for our aggregators.

  3. Hey Jeremiah, thanks for linking to us, we really appreciate it. I know you™ve mentioned in previous posts about the social media release, but we have our own version of that at http://press.soceeo.com. We have our press release, seesmic video from venturebeat, screenshots, and other info.

    Emile Cambry
    CEO of Soceeo.com

  4. Thanks for the mini-mash 😉 Good links. By the way though, I haven’t seen many LinkedIn clones branching out into different markets and niche industries, only the likes of Myspace and Facebook. Get ready for the LinkedIn clones now that someone mentioned a billion dollars.

    Why can’t people get their own ideas!

    CEO of Jigadig.com

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