Videos: When Social Networks enter Popular Culture

Social Networks have started to penetrate not just the culture of youths, but now pop culture, TV satires, and a general joke we here at many cocktail parties. Enjoy the following videos.

Poking Granny’s Boyfriend On Facebook

Confirm or Ignore: Facebook in Real Life “Status Updaate!”Trendspotting, MySpace, Facebook, and kids listing ‘things’

Social Network Wars: MySpace vs Friendster vs Facebook vs SecondLife “Awkward….”

If you know of other social network related videos, leave a comment below:

12 Replies to “Videos: When Social Networks enter Popular Culture”

  1. Awesome! I think the last part of the last video is the wisest way to go. Social networks are great and cool, but sometimes you just have to go out to an outdoor cafe, soak up the rays and trade war stories with your buds.

    Thanks for those Jeremiah

  2. Ahahahaha the social networks wars is LOL. Been watching it repeatedly the past week. HAve you seen Weezer’s new video? I have a post with it in my blog. They got as many well known viral video producers as they could to be in the video. I was like HAAAI GAIZ?! All the usual suspects are in it.

  3. Did you notice that here’s sex discrimination in this video?
    The blue guy holds his ‘wife’ up high so she’s unable to walk or do anything without his permission and he’s in control. Also, the little guy is almost taller than his mom and he is in control too along with his other hand and facial expressions. Bet it’s because he’s a guy. Also, the female wears a LOT of makeup and earrings.. Guess she’s a sex object for the blue guy and is good at breeding.

    Guess y’all support that? Gee!

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