Democractic Nomination: Twitter, Blog, and Nominee Website Activity

I was watching the chatter, and participating in the conversation, with great fascination. I’ve recorded some data using free social media tools (minutes after Obama left the stage), that look at keywords on twitter, as well as ‘traffic’ to websites of the runners. I rarely place much weight in any single use of these tools, but there is a clear trend towards Obama getting a great deal of activity. Is this telltale to the future? I’m not sure.

Above: Twist provides activity of keywords over last 7 days. I recorded this immediately after Obama spoke. No surprise that Obama frequency would be higher during this event centered on him.

Above: TweetVolume, date range unknown, making it difficult to place any weight on the value of this graph

Above: Tag clouds comparing the three keywords, interesting, but not telling much, other than idea association, of course, context is everything, so the terms could be used in a negative way.

Above: Blog Activity Over last 30 days, this is telling, Obama keywords much higher frequency.

Above: Alexa Website activity to Candidate sites, Obama has higher traffic

Above: Compete website activity to Candidate sites, again Obama

Related Forrester report from Josh Bernoff: The Social Technographics® Profile of Voters. Love to hear your analysis on this. Also, leave comments below if you know of other websites that are tracking the web strategy of the campaign.

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