You can now access Forrester Technographic Data


I wish I had this data when I was launching social media at Hitachi, sadly, I focused on tools first, rather than first focusing on how people used technology.

Forrester has a lot of data, I learned in new hire training that we deploy the most surveys second to the US Census. On it’s own, data doesn’t mean anything, so we have made the information (when it comes to social media adoption) easier to understand using technographics.

Colleagues Josh and Charlene are sharing Forrester Research survey data on the Groundswell site. You can now find out the Technographic data by different major countries, segment by age, and gender using a flash engine –at no cost.

How to access Forrester Technographic Data:

First, understand that Social Technographics classifies people according to how they use social technologies, read these 8 slides.

Next, go to the profile tool, and experiment with many of the drop downs and toggles.

Then, you can determine which social media tools to use, based upon understand those you are trying to reach. It’s always dangerous to build your house starting with a hammer (tools), first, figure out who you’re building it for, then build a plan.

Data comes from the following surveys:

  • US: Forrester’s North American Social Technographics Online Survey, Q2 2007, 10,010 respondents.
  • Europe: Forrester’s European Technographics Benchmark Survey, Q2 2007, 24,808 respondents.
  • Asia Pacific: Forrester’s Asia Pacific Technographics Survey, Q1 2007, 6,530 respondents.
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    1. I’m not seeing anything either – just empty white space where the tool should be, using both IE and Flock on a PC. A colleague also had no luck. Can’t wait to try it though. Thanks for sharing it.

    2. Really wonderful to see this Jeremiah – keep up the great work with Forrester – I love the stuff you are doing with Charlene, Josh and all the other good people over there. It is so refreshing to see a top analyst firm sharing some of their data to help further expand their insights and build even bigger value for their clients. Not a bad way to expand awareness of what you are doing too…

    3. Thanks Chris

      I can’t take much credit for this. It goes to Josh and Charlene spearheading this project up, and of course the support from the rest of the company.

      I agree, it’s a great way to expand awareness, exciting times ahead.

    4. Works fine for me. Bit top level, but it’s great to get something even a little useful for free. So, oldies are more spectators than creators eh? Tell that to SAGA’s online community!

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