People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: March 21, 2008


I’m starting this post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. We should congratulate the following folks:

  • Tom Diederich joins Cadence as the Social Media/Web Community Manager. He’s working for Carlos Soares, my former colleague at HDS.
  • Brian Chappell joins Ignite Social Media as Sr. Social Search Strategist, and tells me he is seeking other talented individuals. Brian’s blog is here
  • Daniel Thornton moves from Journalist to Community Marketing Manager at motorcyclenews
  • Michael Brito accepted the position at Intel managing social media for the consumer segment, a great company doing lots of the social media front.
  • Adriana Gascoigne joins Ogilvy helping clients with their social media strategy as Vice President at the 360° Digital Influence Group at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. (and they are hiring)
  • Aaron Uhrmacher was appointed to the role of Global Peer Media Lead, where he will provide strategic consultancy to clients and internal teams, at Text 100 Public Relations

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    If you’re seeking candidates in the social media industry, many of them are within arms reach, feel free to leave a link to a job description (but not the whole job description, or I’ll delete it.

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    1. Hi Jeremiah,
      Thanks for the mention. Although strictly speaking I moved from to running the community marketing effort for a total of 7 websites for Bauer Consumer Media (including, and the number is likely to grow by a couple more shortly!

      I’m really enjoying seeing who, and which companies, are embracing the inevitable rise of social and community work, and the ‘On The Move’ series is great to keep track and see if the numbers are growing!

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