Video: How to use Facebook Privacy Features

Teresa Valdez Klein (Blog, Twitter, Facebook) delivers a great how to video, describing ‘how to use Facebook’s privacy features’. Apparently, the controls are non-intuitive and requires someone from the community to walk through it.

This is an important feature, especially for my three younger kid sisters who are mainly used to sharing their lives online –two of which don’t realize the impact it will have on their professional lives as they get older. (and unwanted attention)

I’m sending them this video, along with encouragement to protect themselves, I encourage you to send this to your Generation Y family members and friends.

They should:

-Create permission groups, one for family, ‘real’ friends, online acquittance, classmates, and colleagues
-Personal pics, content, involving parties, unruly or sensual photos should only be seen by those who were present (often friends)
-Be careful about the content that is left on wallposts, it’s not an IM tool, and should be used as a public blog, this area is very telling of what someone does offline.
-Remember that college and company recruiters now look at social networking sites to see what you’re made out of, so if you’ve not received that phonecall back, this could be one of the reasons.

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7 Replies to “Video: How to use Facebook Privacy Features”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jeremiah! I’m sorry it cuts out abruptly at the end. I was rambling on and saying the same thing over again and I employed some crude editing tactics to shut myself up. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’ve gone onto the privacy section of Facebook and can’t figure out how to create the permission groups — colleagues, friends, family, etc. — and then target what goes to whom. Could you describe how to set up these groups? Thanks much.

  3. Hi, i was wondering what the people see when they are not permited to view a video. Say i post a video that i dont want my sister seeing, so i put her on “except these people” but if the video is on the news feed and she clicks play, is it going to say something like “sorry you are not permitted to see the video” or will it just not appear in their facebook at all?

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