A New Social Media Video Show: “Global Neighbourhoods TV” of Fast Company TV

Shel Israel has launched a new video show with Fast Company entitled Global Neighbourhoods TV. Being one of the early mavens to watch this scene and cover it from his book and blog, he’s now bringing us interviews up close and personal on video.

In his first debut episodes, he’s interviewed Intel’s CEO on blog culture, and you’ll see Intel’s social media strategist Ken Kaplan also interviewed.

Next Shel moves over to Sun to interview the product lead for Sun’s community strategist. What they call CE 2.0

What I enjoy about Shel’s videos are the tight editing, keeping the dead space to a minimum, and how he offers his insights, thoughts, and reviews.

Next, the ever entertaining and unexpected Hugh Macleod discusses how Social Gestures beget Social Objects.

Lastly, the camera gets turned on me, and I discuss online communities, and what it means to companies.

I encourage you to subscribe to Shel’s show, (there’s an iTunes link on the page) and really commit to watching this show for ongoing education. He also blogs, and is on Twitter.