Thank you for commenting

I learn a lot from you, thanks for commenting.

I want to take the time to thank you for commenting. In my opinion, a successful blog is a dialog between more than two people. To date, there are 1,697 posts and 12,159 comments, so a conversation rate (comments divided by posts) of just over 7. Sure, not as impressive as some other sites, but it’s the quality of comments that matter.

This actually came up in discussion yesterday on a client call, where he pointed out that the comments you’ve left were insightful and thoughtful, I readily agreed. Sure, other blogs may have quantity lightweight comments, but here, they are often filled with details, opinions, and insight.

We’ve done research on technographics (how people use social computing tools) and for North American adults, the inactives far often outweigh those who leave comments. I read every single comment that comes through, and I end up learning a lot (not everyone agrees), in some cases, I’ll sometimes update the post and add links or point to your insight. In some cases, like yesterday, I get corrected for my mistakes, and that’s ok too. I certainly appreciate you adding links that add to the conversation, keep on doing that when there’s something to see.

In the near future, I plan to run that survey to find out more about the readers and commenters here, stay tuned for that.

So again, thanks for adding to the conversation.