Understanding the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks

It’s easy to get the tools mixed up, but it’s important to know the differences. Quite often (usually by executives) I’m asked the difference between Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks, here’s usually how I explain it (focusing first on usage and benefits rather than technical details):

Forums are like social mixers, where everyone is at equal level, milling about and discussing with others. These many to many communication tools allow anyone to start a topic and anyone to respond to one. Members are often at equal level, and content is usually segmented by topic. (rather than by people).

Blogs are like a keynote speech where the speaker (blogger) is in control of the discussion, but allows questions and comments from the audience.
Blogs are journals often authored by one individual, and sometimes teams. In the context of business communication, these are often used to talk with the marketplace and to join the conversation that existing external bloggers may be having.

Social Networks are like topic tables at a conference luncheon. Ever been to a conference where different lunch tables had big white signs inviting people to sit and join others of like interest? It’s like that. Social networks allow members to organize around a person’s relationships or interests, rather that just focused on topic. People that know each other (or want to meet each other) will connect by a variety of common interests. These are great tools to get people of like interest to connect to each other and share information.

It’s important to know the many different tools in your tool chest as every type of accessory fulfills a different need. Before you jump to tools, you should first understand who your community is, where they are, how they use social technologies, and most importantly, what they’re talking about. To learn more about the many forms of web marketing, see this updated list (now in Italian, Indonesian and French).

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  1. Not to be nit-picky but I’d argue that social networks are more like the lunch tables in high school – different cliques at different areas of the lunch room.


  2. Hey Jeremiah, I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but didn’t include social networks;


    I agree re: forums (which are making a comeback) and blogs, but I think social networks as you’ve described them are only one of the types that exist. Your description fits ‘Dogster’ or ‘Minti’ but not Facebook.

    I’d describe facebook as more of a rolling reunion festival. A week long event where all the people from your life drop in and out and you get quick glimpses in your life. Sometimes at the festival a clump of old baseball buddies gather together and the topic turns to the World Series, but it’s fleeting.

    I’ll see if I get a chance to write more about this today.


  3. Jeremiah,

    Long-term readers of your blog will know that I don’t always agree with you.

    On this post, however, I think you’ve done a FANTASTIC job of finding a metaphor that just works.

    Yes, I know that other commenters have wanted to tweak the edges, but the detail isn’t the issue here – it’s the big picture that you’d nailed as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks tremedously!

    Mark in West Sussex, England

  4. Blogs seems to be the less democratic tool¦
    Can we expect that in the long term, people keeping personal blogs will shift massively towards social media? That could be an opportunity for Blogger or WordPress (content portability, social media features…)
    If so, will the long tail get shorter or will just change its nature?

  5. Marco

    Yes, blogs are more of a one person in charge, a form of representative monarchy –except that feedback will happen, even if they don’t want it. (trackbacks can indicate other thoughts, even if comments are not enabled)

  6. Thanks, Jeremiah, for that clear explanation using metaphors that everyone can relate to. I’m curious as to whether you’ll add on to this post with metaphors for other tools. For example, I’ve been trying to figure out the value and essence of Twitter. I’m starting to get it from some of your postings, including your one on rating ads for the Superbowl. And a metaphor would anchor the concept even more.

    In any case, thanks for boiling things down to their essence so that I can start to apply in my world.

  7. Great post. I agree with Mick’s comment that the definition of “social networks” does not fit all kinds of social network tools, but it’s a good start anyway. As soon as people understand what a social network (tool) is, we can start telling them about the different flavors.
    I still find the “visual definitions” of wiki’s, rss, blogs, etc in short video’s by Common Craft also say it all.

  8. Hey Jeremiah,
    I found you because I was looking for what some different folks were thinking about these differences in the various online tools, etc. The post above is my first introduction to you and I really liked your blog analogy which got me thinking more about what would clarify the distinctions for me.

    I’ve been writing my business plan and explaining my own view on networking. I actually made a graphic to address what tools I was using to connect with what groups and how. So the idea is that when you are clear about how you are reaching out and/or drawing the attention of each group, then figuring out how to use online media tools and real world activities is less overwhelming.

    I thought I’d share this with you because of some distinctions that I make which I feel were a bit more clarifying for me in terms of the overall online networking communities and forums. I referenced you when it came to blogs:keynote speeches, though!
    : )

    Here is the excerpt from what I’m writing:

    A key to understanding how to navigate the online world is to identify the analogous real world construct. Online networking sites, such as Facebook (which is for anyone), may be analogous to cocktail or dinner parties, whereas a site that is devoted to a certain kind of group, such as Savor the Success (which targets female entrepreneurs), is more like attending a conference or convention. In both cases, you can browse the exhibits (profiles), listen to and comment on presentations (blogs), and strike up or contribute to discussions (forums). Forums enable the audience to connect with each other in a room full of roundtable discussions. Anyone can start up their own roundtable discussion in a forum, but you must be registered as a user. In contrast, blogs are open to anyone (unless the author restricts commenting) without having to register (usually you just put your name and something to identify you). Unlike forums where each user has the ability to start his or own topic of discussion (string), a blog typically has only one author (or a small group of authors) who makes a series of posts over time. Although there might be a forum administrator who keeps a watchful eye on things, the blog author exerts more control over what happens on his blog. As suggested by one online marketing expert, Jeremiah Owyang, blogs are akin to keynote speeches in that someone speaks from a podium, possibly on an area of his or her expertise or just to share some ideas, and the audience is able to ask questions or share comments in the form of posting responses.

    -Manisha Shahane

  9. Nice start but the things do way deeper. On the business side of issue, social networks bring in usually millions of dollars and most of the forums just try to stay alive or make little income. Forums are more about issues and posts social network are more about how many people there is and random content that often does not matter (or family, friend pictures etc) – it’s place to go entertain yourself.
    In ´most successful forums you will get banned for posting retarded things in social network you will get your own fan club for posting crap.

    etc, i could go along in ages

    That sayd, i own 12 different pages in facebook and 2 groups, 250 friends and i am connected whit many games/applications that facebook offers 🙂

  10. based on his replies to peoples messages, jeremiah seems like a really nice person, so i feel bad about saying that i still dont really get the difference. except the thing about blogs being like a keynote speech with one main speaker.

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  16. Blogs are generally done by one person and people read them like newspaper columns. Forums are run so that everyone can talk on them and put their say in. It's not really read like a newspaper, it's just a conglomeration of many users input. A forum could be informational or about a unified topic.acnee

  17. yup……..
    but everyone is trying to provide the platform to discuss your view with your group members
    in that mostly r confused with arrangement of topis and people

  18. yup……..
    but everyone is trying to provide the platform to discuss your view with your group members
    in that mostly r confused with arrangement of topis and people

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  20. hello sir,,
    i want to know that how can i know that which is blog site or which is social..
    when i search blog site i get one site and after when i search social site then i also get thet particular site what is this plz tell me….

  21. hello sir,
    i'm satsfied with ur openion about blogs…
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  22. Thanks for letting us know about this and I hope to read more from you. Keep the posts coming!

  23. thank you for the definitions of Forums, Blogs, and Social Networks – it was explained in plain and understandable language.

    SP from South Africa

  24. Think about it! People quit there day jobs to blog lol. Blogging can be a very good investment if you put in the hours to do so. Plus your content can be very informative for others. You can also socialize through blogging. Notice that some social networks have it where you can start your own blog, forum, articles and events. Great comments and much success to all.

  25. i was asked about the difference of blog and forums .
    i gave the answer bust still was not sure about it but i was right 🙂

  26. Still don’t understand the difference between them, this is great playing with words describe the same think especially 4 blogs & forums.

  27. Angelology is basically a forum writer pretending that shes an actual writer . Thats hilarious.

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  29. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the excellent definitions! Much appreciated! 🙂

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  32. Blogs are of Open Disscussion and Forums are having discussion with a specified login have to register in them and finally about Social networks are of “JUST FOLLOW THEM”


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  34. Interesting how the web has conceived terminologies. But hey, Jeremiah spot on the differences

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  40. So i think difference between a blog and a website is that on a website your main page remains static (it is constantly changing in case of a blog) and other pages contain mostly static information. On blogs ” at least on majority of blogs ” you can leave comments and interact with bloggers and other visitors. Most of the times this does not happen in case of a website although even on a website you can have online forums and discussion threads

    BlogContent is regularly updated.
    Not formal.
    Informative and educational.
    Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
    Some people have a blog.WebsiteContent is static.Formal/professional.Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.Transactional.Communication about products and/or services.Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.

  41. So i think difference between a blog and a website is that on a website your main page remains static (it is constantly changing in case of a blog) and other pages contain mostly static information. On blogs ” at least on majority of blogs ” you can leave comments and interact with bloggers and other visitors. Most of the times this does not happen in case of a website although even on a website you can have online forums and discussion threads

    BlogContent is regularly updated.
    Not formal.
    Informative and educational.
    Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
    Some people have a blog.WebsiteContent is static.Formal/professional.Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.Transactional.Communication about products and/or services.Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.

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  43. I think one of the major difference is that a blog is own setup or forums not own setup . We can optimize own blog according to us but we can’t optimize forums according to us. Your posting also appropriate and helpful.

  44. This is an really excellent post. I was is confusion that what is the major difference between forums and blogs but now my confusion has been clear.

  45. Great topic and it clarifies the point why blogs are different than forums. Sure, blogs are different from traditional types of web sites as well. Traditional sites didn’t allow their users to add content easily as they required HTML knowledge among others. However, the dawn of Blogging have allowed people to post content as comfortably never before.

  46. Hey Jeremiah, great analogies. From a blogging point of view, you can just kind of ‘hang it out there’ and see what you get. The forum is more of a community feel with in some cases, very specific rules of engagement. These can be a bit over the top to the new player sometimes.

  47. Both are very different because we post blog for provide information
    about many products of your company but in forum we can get solution of
    our question with the participation of peoples discussion.

  48. Jeremiah, I must say, this is an excellent article. I had started my own Forum-Based network when I noticed the Blog tab on my website, and was curious as to what the difference was. This article clearly divides these with a fine line, and for that, I commend you. This post may be five years old or more, but it makes excellent points. I hope that this article brings clarity to those like myself, and you write articles of equal superiority in the future.

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