The Agency of the Future is a “Connected” one

I can’t imagine ever advising a client to deal with an advertising, PR, or interactive team that doesn’t get social media. Of course, I’m biased as I’m sitting right smack in the middle of the social media space. But with the power shifting to the participants, agencies must demonstrate they can participate before they can ever help clients with it.

Sadly, most agencies still don’t get the new space, or if they do, they lightly gloss it over by saying “Oh yeah, we’ve a blog” and when I look, it’s a bunch of self-serving posts written by a variety of different folks with little strategy and few comments.

Jason Falls of social media explorer asks why I didn’t link to colleague Mary Beth Kemp’s and Peter Kim’s latest report on the The Connected Agency, and he also raises some interesting points on agencies who talk the talk –but don’t walk it.

So which agency is doing a good job being part of the community? I’d love to hear from you, shout out in the comments, but give reasons why.

Update: Steve Ellis of Metia gives practical reasons why they are connected, informative response.