Silicon Valley Sightings: The Palo Alto Egg

Silicon Valley Sightings: The Palo Alto Egg

Notable landmark right in front of Pizza My Heart, a few blocks from Facebook, and a brisk walk to Jeff Clavier’s office and Social Text lies the great green silicon valley egg. The Digital DNA project is sponsored by Palo Alto’s Civic Art Gallery. This sculpture, which really is a great symbol of the birthplace of Silicon Valley (The famed HP Garage is just a few blocks away) reminds us of our humble start.

When you get closer to this egg (which is now often surrounded by skaters and Stanford students) you’ll see that the egg is composed of computer boards, chips, and the occasional graffiti.

If you’re visiting the bustling Palo Alto area, here’s a great walking tour, you’ll learn about the many landmarks and rich history.

Also, I heard if you’re a budding entrepreneur, if you walk around the egg 10 times, it’ll bring you good luck. Ok not really, I just made that up, but let’s see if it works, try it and let me know.

(Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing PhotoBlog that captures the intersection of Tech Culture in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area, check out the archives (which now showcase some tech areas in Asia). All photos by Jeremiah Owyang)