Crowd Companies: The Year in Review and Planning for 2015

It’s the end of the year. This post is a reflection of the Collaborative Economy market and Crowd Companies in 2014, as well as a look towards what lies ahead. The Collaborative Economy was a leading business topic of 2014. Over the past year, the Collaborative Economy movement has gained more attention from mainstream media, seen incredible pushback from the incumbents like taxi companies and obtained tremendous amounts of funding, while some startups created situations that left them exposed to intense scrutiny. Meanwhile, adoption by the public was forecasted to double (my findings on WSJ), it expanded into nearly every aspect of society, and shows no signs of decline. It truly is a movement in every regard. Crowd Companies, has experienced … Continue readingCrowd Companies: The Year in Review and Planning for 2015

A Six Month Update: Crowd Companies Creating Collaborative Success

Above picture: Attendees of the Spring 2014 Crowd Companies Summit hosted by Autodesk in SF included corporate business leaders, entrepreneurs from collaboartive startups and special guests. A few days ago, Crowd Companies reached its 6 month anniversary, so I felt that this would be a good time to provide an update on the company’s growth and on the state of the market. The Collaborative Economy Movement is Growing Quickly. As a movement, the Collaborative Economy has demonstrated tremendous growth and market churn. This movement, which empowers people to get what they need from each other, continues to expand. There are over 9,000 startups in the space and there was over $850 million in new funding in the month of April … Continue readingA Six Month Update: Crowd Companies Creating Collaborative Success

The Power of Collaboration

  Today is the start of a long journey, as businesses can also be part of this new economy. I’m excited! Today is a milestone, it’s the first Crowd Companies council session –we’re kicking off! The above video was played in our session, to set the tone of the council, we worked with Visually, a collaborative marketplace to get it created. Crowd Companies now has 26 companies in the council, and 22 startups from the collaborative movement. Together, we’re exploring, discussing, learning, engaging, connecting, and activating within the Collaborative Economy. All within a program focused on the business models and trends we see emerging. Our speakers are authors, startup CEOs, the members themselves, and even folks who are living a … Continue readingThe Power of Collaboration

The Crowd Companies Kickoff Event

Last night, at a San Francisco Airbnb location, we kicked off Crowd Companies, by hosting a physical face-to-face meet- up of council members, leaders from the Innovation Network, and key industry experts., Photos of this ground-breaking event follow belowto bring it to life, I’ve included some photos below. Exactly one month ago today, on Dec 10th, we announced Crowd Companies at the LeWeb conference in Paris, with 24 Fortune 500 companies as founding members, with more in the process of joining. We had several goals for last night’s event. I wanted to build physical-world relationships between council members, make personal introductions with the Innovation Network members, introduce teammates Angus and Miranda, enjoy amazing food and drink, and engage in dialog about the Collaborative … Continue readingThe Crowd Companies Kickoff Event

Introducing Crowd Companies: A Brand Council for the Collaborative Economy

Our Mission: Empowered People & Resilient Brands for Shared Value. Today, I’m launching a new company called Crowd Companies as I see a market opportunity for large brands to be an integral part of the Collaborative Economy. We’re on a mission for Empowered People and Resilient Brands to achieve Shared Value. The Collaborative Economy is a Powerful Movement. Technologies like mobile, social, internet of things, 3D printers and more empower people to create physical products, or share existing resources with each other, rather than buy anew. It means people are empowered to get what they need from each other, rather than from inefficient institutions. The bold question we will ask and answer is: “What role do corporations play when people … Continue readingIntroducing Crowd Companies: A Brand Council for the Collaborative Economy