The Startup Conundrum: Scalable vs Services

VCs Seek Scalable Technologies Lately, I’ve been spending time trading information with one of the most powerful groups in our industries: VCs. They spur innovation by injecting funding into startups, help fuel those that need an accelerated path, and work many deals in the background to connect their investments with the right folks. [Although VCs seek investments that rapidly scale, startups must satisfy the needs of enterprise clients by offering a range of services] Yet despite their power I’m often concerned about one of goals that VCs have of their investments is finding and investing in a company that will quickly scale an an exponential rate then exiting. Their vision is for technology to go from 1 person to 10 … Continue readingThe Startup Conundrum: Scalable vs Services

Using Blogs to create Industry Lists

I received a tweet from Monika pointing to this animation that was created by VizEdu, they created an animation showing how I used my blog to create a vendor product catalog for the white label/community platform space (its still a top viewed page). I started this list before I joined Forrester, as I saw a trend, and now I’m covering this space as an analyst. I find blogs more effective in creating my many lists, as I can filter the comments and look for quality –sometimes wikis get jumbled with vendor pitches and not everyone treats quality the same way. Do note that I only use social media for some aspects of research, the majority of it leans on the … Continue readingUsing Blogs to create Industry Lists

Top Three Answers of Industry Analysts

I caught myself doing this last night at a dinner with a dozen CEOs and a venture firm, I guess I’m really starting to talk like an analyst. Analysts are often in the power position, but need to get their large egos (I’m guilty) chopped down to size once in awhile, so let’s start here. Here’s a chance for AR and PR folks to have some fun with dealing with those tenacious analysts. Top Three Answers of Industry Analysts: 1) It depends. 2) On one hand… on the other hand… 3) It’s complicated, fortunately I wrote a report about it. No, we didn’t get any training to answer this way, it comes with experience, heh. You gotta laugh at yourself … Continue readingTop Three Answers of Industry Analysts

The Glances

This post has nothing to do with technology, but everything to do with communication I’m not a great speaker, but someday hope to be one. I have learned that being in tune with your audience is key when it comes to giving your presentation. When I’m at public conferences and speaking, I watch twitter in real time, in hopes of avoiding an audience Groundswell. Like a good doctor, my job is to learn and listen, diagnose problems, and offer remedies to my patients. Since I often speak to the web strategists at a company, (VP, Dir, Manager of Web) and related marketing cohorts I’ve started to become really in tune with the non verbal gestures within a room as it … Continue readingThe Glances

The 7 Tenets of the Connected Analyst

Two weeks ago I crossed the one year mark as an industry analyst, in retrospect, I approach the role differently than others before me. Recently, Forrester published a report signaling evolution to the Connected Agency, and states that agencies of yesteryear will evolve from ‘pushing’ messages to ‘pulling’ interactions and faciliating conversations. I know the same evolutionary steps applies to analysts, but to be clear, these tenets are just my opinion, and doesn’t necessarily represent that of any others. [Rather than analyze from afar, the connected analyst should listen, join, and lead the online discussions in the market they cover] Summary Social technologies allow individuals to connect and get what they need from each other rather than from institutions –including … Continue readingThe 7 Tenets of the Connected Analyst

How to have a Successful Briefing with me

Briefings are a core part of being an analyst, this constant input fuels me with new ideas, examples, and vendors to recommend to our vast client base in our inquiry calls, speeches research reports, and even blog posts. I want you to be effective and efficient in your communications, although keep in mind that each analyst may have their own preference. Thanks to all who have requested briefings to meet with me, here’s a few things to know that’ll help you to quickly communicate your value proposition to me, so I can best understand your company. First of all, see this list of the dreamteam, in many cases, I may not be the right analyst to cover your company. In … Continue readingHow to have a Successful Briefing with me

Meet Forrester’s Social Computing Analyst Team

I’m writing this from 30,000 feet as I fly back from Chicago to SF, it took nearly 2 hours to clean out my inbox, and that’s not even my personal one. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions and kudos for hitting my one year mark, without a doubt the demand for social computing research, inquiry (client calls) and vendor briefings is increasing. If you can’t tell, we’re working overtime to make sure our clients are happy and we’re completing research. Frankly, I’m a bit behind on where I need to be, and am putting in extra hours to get caught up on the wave report, take excellent care of my clients (I really love helping folks), being part of … Continue readingMeet Forrester’s Social Computing Analyst Team

One Year as a Forrester Analyst

Today marks my one year anniversary as an industry analyst at Forrester. It’s been an amazing journey so far, from conducting research to presenting it, advising clients, traveling the world, and following my passion for the web. I’ve learned a lot, messed up a few times and self-corrected (or have been market-corrected), met amazing leaders in the social space, and have helped brands and vendors move forward. Analysts are known for being critical (both positive and negative) of their market, and I certainly have given my fair share, now’s the chance for you to critique me back. I’d love to know what you think I could do better to improve as an analyst, a blogger, and as a professional, I’m … Continue readingOne Year as a Forrester Analyst

Welcome Gartner Analyst Blogs

As of yesterday, Gartner analysts are now able to blog about topics related to their industry, judging by their posts, this looks like an internal battle they were finally able to win, fantastic news. In light of their upcoming Web Innovation Summit (see the official blog), there is a great deal of focus on social media, the cloud and web 2.0. For many IP companies, making decisions on whether to join the company always requires some degree of uncomfort and a whole lot of trust. While Gartner has official corporate blogs (as most analyst firms do) the following list of Gartner blogs appear to be personal blogs maintained by individual analysts, I’m great at lists, so here’s a start. Mark … Continue readingWelcome Gartner Analyst Blogs