Wrapup: Community Manager Day 2013, Trended

In 2013, Community Managers are trending, both online, and their impact to their organizations and the customers, who they serve.

Community Managers are the most powerful group online
As professional online communicators, Community Managers are the most powerful group for 5 reasons: 1) Professionally trained 2) Access to top tools 3) Manage the largest social media accounts in world 4) Highly connected to each other, and 5) Their interactions with market are public, which resonate.  I’m pleased to report that yesterday, on Jan 28th the Community Manager Appreciation tag (#CMAD) became a Twitter trending topic in at least Finland, France, and United States for over five hours.

Recognition of the Community Manager Role, Globally Known
Each year, Community Manager appreciation day grows in size and in location, this year I was stunned by the community involvement and market reaction.  I heard comments that while in emerging markets there’s still justification required for the role, but within US, there’s already wide understanding and approval of this role within today’s modern company, both big and small.  Last night, at the SF meetup whether or not CMs were the final decision maker for social tools and software, and depending on size of company, it could vary, however they often short-list the social business toolset for management and teams to analyze.  While they often need to work with the Corporate Social Strategist, they’re internal influencers on how programs role out.

2014 CMAD Will Host A Theme to Advance the Career
Next year, in 2014, Community Manager Appreciation Day will be on Monday, Jan 27th.  (It’s on the fourth monday, every Jan).  We will discuss this year what the theme will be –beyond appreciation. While some markets still need awareness and justification of the role, developed markets are seeking to push the agenda and be forward moving. We’ll find a theme, announce it in Dec, and ask the industry to collectively move forward. It goes without saying, that appreciation doesn’t stop, but now that we’ve collectively raised awareness, let’s advance as one.

Here’s a wrap up of all the events that happened around the globe, and analysis on the online impact, from a number of social analytics tools.  Please leave a note or URL in the comments, and I’ll update it.

Social Analytics Reports from Industry
A number of social analytics firms are running reports, I’ll cross link to all analysis and capture highlights here, it’s interesting to see the common data points and look at averages points and trends. It’s interesting that the various tools have roughly the same data frequency count.

Provider Key Stats Data Highlights
Little Bird Provides a list of the top 1000 Community Managers Social graph heat maps finds influencers, see my take, see the Twitter list
Social@Ogilvy (tweet)  Mid Day Capture Yields: 17.1 million impressions from 5,121 tweets… 3,096 mentions, 1,644 retweets, 381 @reply – #cmad Mid-day capture, not a full 24 hour run, but roughly matches other data sets
Topsy (report) 10,004 Mentions, thanks Rich Schwerin for the URL. Can’t leave date range, so this report may phase out over time.
Keyhole (report also in Spanish) 17,548  tweets by 13,479   users Interesting tool.  Showed hotspots in CA and NY, with Mashable as a major influencer
NexaLive (report) 16,628 Total Tweets. 8083 Total tweeters Shows keyword map, and analysis. Most active include jpedde, evanhamilton
Sysmos (Tweet) Shares that the hashtag was used 17.5K times Indicates most activity in United States
NodeXL (Social Graph Analysis) This focused data set analyzes the interactions with the core graph during a period of time, shows Mashable at core. Several leaderboards on top URLs, and top tweeters, keywords used
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (slides, also embedded below) 24,000 conversations, most on Twitter, in English followed by Spanish Interesting how dominate Twitter is over FB and Blogs.
UberVu (dashboard report) 19k Tweets, 281 plusses on Google+, 256 posts on FB Interesting how the sentiment was overall good, at 43%
Leave comment  I’ll cross link



UberVu Dashboard
Above: UberVu has a dashboard of metrics

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.07.44 AM
Above: Screenshot of Bluenod

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 7.52.02 AM
Above Screenshot: NodeXL has a detailed visualization of the cmad social graph

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.58.21 AM
Above Screenshot: Topsy

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.58.51 AM
Above Screenshot, Keyhole



Media, Press, Blogs

Global Voices

Voices of Community Managers, and Shout Outs!

Technology Vendors and Innovators (alpha sorted)


Collection of 2013 Community Manager Day Artifacts


Above: Yammer Community Playbook

Above: Get Satisfaction provides insights for CMs

Get Satisfaction: Many hats of the Community Manager
Above: Get Satisfaction provides infographic on the Hats of a Community

Collection of CM Advice via MarketWire

UserVoice's Clever Community Manager Cards
Uservoice has several clever CMAD cards. Ironic empathy makes me feel ok.

Socialfresh Infographic on Community Manager Roles #CMAD
SocialFresh offers a helpful infographic with demographics and salary data


Please leave a comment below of any coverage I missed, I’ll add.

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  1. Thanks for putting this all together, Jeremiah! There’s a bunch of stuff in here I didn’t see yesterday, so I’ll have to spend some time today checking them out.
    Also, last night, just after midnight, I did a quick search using our Sysomos software and came up with some stats you might be interested in: https://twitter.com/sysomos/statuses/296122331238117376

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos and Marketwire

  2. I don’t right now (I just did that one before bed last night). But if I get a chance today to pull a few more stats I’ll be sure to let you know.

  3. Jeremiah, on behalf of all of us in this industry – thank you for your leadership role in making this happen. Your passion and attention to detail serves us all very well. I have shared all of this with the Community Managers we work with and on behalf of them – thank you.

  4. Thanks, Jeremiah, for pulling so much valuable information together in one place! I’ve created a Spotlight on the SlideShare home page for presentations that are tagged CMAD, including the ones you have embedded in your post.

  5. Thanks for throwing this all together Jeremiah – was truly an amazing experience to celebrate community around the world. We had a blast doing the 12 hour hangout – meeting and discussing so many different diverse topics.

    Better late than never, but do you think you could add our HootSuite wrapup to the list? http://blog.hootsuite.com/enterprise-social-business-panel-cmad-recap/

    Much appreciated, and looking forward to next year.

    -Connor from HootSuite

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