Keynote Slides: Prioritizing the Coming Year, Achieve “Escape Velocity”

What would you tell 600 marketers from the largest global brands who have European initiatives?

That’s exactly what I was tasked to do here at Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit in London today. These brands, which are quickly moving into the space, have adopted social technologies that include: ratings, customer discussions, and aggregate that data right on their own corporate website.

While companies are quick to launch a social networking page for their brand, or integrate customer discussions onto product pages, our research has found there are two distinct classes of companies: 1) Those that are building programs that will not scale, forcing them to ever-respond to customers and fall behind internal stakeholder requests. On the other hand, 2) Those that develop scalable programs that involve business formation, enabling the crowd to do the work for you, and under pinning systems that will cascade across the enterprise are better suited to avoid a career in sanitation.

Here’s my slides for today’s keynote, based upon the following three research documents, in which we’ve interviewed and surveyed hundreds of brands, and the vendors who serve them. Read, use and share widely these reports:

The presentation, which comprises this body of research, is available for download (sans registration) below: (Update: I learned you need a slideshare account to download without registering, this is not my requirement, however)

Update: A video of they keynote is now available.