People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: April 18, 2010

In an effort to recognize the changes in the social media space, I’ve started this post series (see archives) to both track and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks:


Also, my submission form has changed to a new URL, the former Google form was giving me problems, so please use this one going forward.  Lots of movement in the social business category, including a few key hires at firms that get the social business landscape and quite a few submissions continuing to come in on the form.

  • Bruce Temkin, top blogger at Forrester and Analyst moves on, you can find his blog announcement. I’ve admired Bruce’s commitment and quality of work as a fellow colleague, and wish him luck on his next ventures. He really is one of the Star Analysts out there, be sure to connect with him and clinch his sage advice early before he gets totally booked.
  • Dr Natalie Petouhoff “Dr Nat”, is a former colleague at Forrester covering the customer experience and knows the Social CRM landscape and social support. She’s also moved on, you can find her blog, and you should connect with her as she launches her consulting career.
  • Dion Hinchcliffe joins the Dachis Group, one of the leading consulting firms that gets social business. The Dachis Group is poised to become the next system integrator vendor and consulting firm, and I expect them to give the ‘big’ consulting firms a run for their money as they continue to hire talent, thought leaders, and stay nimble and flexible.
  • Steve Gillmor, famed Techcrunch IT editor (and former colleague of mine at PodTech) joins Salesforce in the strategy team. This is an extremely smart move for Benioff as Salesforce knows success of the chatter and appxchange platform is to connect with the web startups. Steve is a direct and indirect influencer over the startup ecosystem and this lays a big bridge down for Salesforce to take marketshare in the developer ecosystem.
  • Mona Nomura joins MySpace as a social media marketing manager, her online presence will match with the youthful and active MySpace community, a key hire in the regrowth and build of MySpace.
  • Sanjay Dholakia former CMO at Lithium is now heading up Crowd Factory as the CEO, I’ve worked closely with Sanjay and am looking forward to see the next successes he does in the future.
  • Uwe Hook launches BatesHook focusing on business transformation agency by integrating Social Media initiatives.
  • Maria Ogneva joins Biz360 as Director of Social Media Propel and manage online buzz for Biz360, a social media monitoring and measurement platform.
  • Greg Hollings joins FreshNetworks as Head of Community Management Manages and heads up the community management team at busy social media agency.
  • Glenn Conradt joins CoreMedia as Vice President of North American Marketing, Sales and Operations.
  • Dean McBeth joins Wieden + Kennedy as the Old Spice Community Manager focused on using social media to maximize the positive perception of the brand and the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Ryan Turner joins ZAAZ as Director, Social Media Lead the social media practice at ZAAZ, part of the WPP network.
  • Brett Goodwin joins MyWebGrocer as Senior Account Director focused on sales.
  • Sabrina Suares joins MyWebGrocer as Director, Eastern Sales
  • Talented Bob Garfield joins Fizz as Consultant in Residence, I look forward to the work he does, find his announcement blog post.
  • Ben Grossman joins Oxford Communications as Interactive Strategist Launch concerted social communications group and serve as interactive strategy lead for digital projects from an integrated standpoint.
  • Ariel Sasso joins DataXu as Marketing Communications Manager Growing DataXu’s reputation and presence with integrated marketing, communications and social media initiatives.
  • Tom Edwards joins Red Urban as VP, Digital Strategy & Emerging Technology Digital & Social Media Strategy

How to connect with others (or get a job):
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Seeking Social Media Professionals?
If you’re seeking to connect with community advocates and community managers there are few resources

This list, which started with just 8 names continues to grow as folks submit to it. List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 Social Media Professionals.

Job Resources in the Social Media and Web Industry

  • Web Strategy Jobs powered by Job o Matic (Post a job there and be seen by these blog readers, these affiliate fees pay for my hosting)
  • Read Write Web keeps announcements flowing at Jobwire, although is broader than just social media jobs
  • Facebook group for community manager group in Facebook
  • Jake McKee’s community portal for jobs
  • Chris Heuer’s Social Media Jobs
  • SimplyHired aggregates job listings, as does Indeed
  • ForumOne Jobs for Social Media and Community
  • Teresa has a few jobs, some around community
  • New Media hire has an extensive job database
  • Social Media Headhunter
  • Social media jobs
  • Jobs in social media
  • Altimeter Group’s list of social media consultants and agencies
  • Social Media Strategists and Community Managers for 2010
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    1. Thank you so much for the inclusion and words, Jeremiah. Honored and extremely humbled — especially since you are an uncanny resource for all things social media and someone who I greatly respect!

    2. Jeremiah: Thanks for the nice comments and your good wishes. I'm finishing up at Forrester on 4/26 and am really looking forward to the next phase in my career. I'll be announcing my next move shortly after leaving Forrester.

    3. P.S. Don't worry about the misspelling of my name. More people spell my last name with a “p” than without it.

    4. Hey Jeremiah,
      I just when to click on your link about Maria Ogneva and it appears that your linking to a virus as a FYI.

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