Social Strategy 3/3 Webinar Recording and Slides: Getting Your Company Ready

We finally completed our final third webinar in our social strategy trilogy. It’s been great sharing our insights and widely releasing it to the community, and I hope you enjoy this final segment. The topic? Getting your company ready internally through research, processes, organizational models, policies, resources, and more.

Above: Download the slides from slideshare and use as you see fit. The “crises plan” is a slide that can be customized for your needs, just provide attribution.

Social Strategy: Getting Your Company Ready, by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group on Vimeo.

Above: Listen to the recording, including the presentation and attendees Q&A

Love to get your feedback, was there anything we missed? Let us know if this information helped your organization, contact me anytime if you’ve questions jeremiah at altimetergroup dot com.

The Social Strategy Trilogy

Part 1: Socialgraphics help you to understand your customers
Part 2: Developing a Social Strategy
Part 3: Getting your company ready (you’re here)

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  2. Many companies make the mistake of shouting their message using social media and miss the boat completely. Social media is about interactng.

  3. One big issue I see for companies that is yet unclear to me: It seems that website owners are outsourcing all the intelligence they used to collect about the behavior of their users to the Facebook database

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