Paris Tweetup: Wed, 20th of May

I’m headed to Paris on Tuesday, leaving Amsterdam where I’ll be officially on vacation. While I’ll certainly take a break from work and heavy blogging, one of the things I’m passionate about (paid or not) is meeting folks in the social media space.

I’ve noticed that tweetups in the states and Asia are certainly quite popular, but these informal gatherings of the community of Twitter in Europe are slower to respond. I’d love to meet you in Paris on Wednesday, but I need your help.

I’m not sure where we should host it, obviously somewhere near a subway hub, and a place that can scale to a larger crowd if it becomes popular. It’s often at a restaurant or bar, but that’s not a requirement.

What will we do? Meeting folks in person that you’ve been communicating with online is a magic moment, nothing solidifies a relationship like in-person. Folks will naturally talk about their passions, online topics, and if you want, I’d love to talk about the future of the social web –my current focus.

If you’re planning to come, please leave your name and twitter ID in the comments below, and if someone can suggest a place (you can email me at jeremiah_owyang at I’ll add the venue location to this post.

Paris Tweetup
Date: Wed, the 20th of May
Time: 7pm
Location: Update: LaCantine, they ask you to RSVP
Who’s coming: Leave a comment below
Agenda: LaCantine will provide some small snacks and drinks will be for sale. I’ll kick off a discussion about the “Future of the social web” but just to get us chatting. Then folks can split into smaller groups for dinner, as the evening progresses.
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  1. I’ll be there. I guess place will depend on how many people we are, but something central, maybe like Hall’s beer brewery (can host tables of 30 peple without any problem).

    If we’re only a few people, maybe something around the Opera? Depends on where your hotel is.

  2. happen to be in Paris this week and am definitely interested (@onoffbeirut) in the Paris Tweetup. Once the place is set, let us know.

  3. DelaVille cafe is a very good suggestion indeed, Harry’s bar might be a little small? What about the last floor of Pub St Germain@ Odeon?
    It will all depend on how many people will gather.
    And le Quai- Quai has a very yummy menu I can only recommand, thx Xtof to remind it, will there be some twollars spirit left in the air?;)
    Looking forward to wednesday!

  4. I hope you’ll come to London in autumn! I’m from Slovenia and I nothing similar is happening here – the cheapest and easiest city to visit from all the Europe is defenetly London.

    Have a blast here in Europe!

  5. I guess is the perfect place, it’s a coworking place inspired by what Chris Messina has setup in SF (he was there last week, BTW). We would be more than happy to welcome you there, lots of nice places around for food and drinks, and you’ll be at the center of the french internet ecosystem.

    Get in touch, I’d love to meet you 🙂

  6. Debbie, I hope to see you!

    Thanks all, sounds like we need a finalized headcount –let’s get the final location figured out Monday or Tuesday.

  7. Sounds great. Should be able to make it. Keep me posted. @AAinslie

  8. Hey Jeremy, as per my Tweet just now – I would suggest setting up the Paris tweet up near the Ecole Militaire subway stop. There are some great (large) open concept cafe’s 2 mins walking distance from the subway station and you can see the Eiffel Tower as well (always busy and social place) really good crowd too. Enjoy – wish I could have been there!

  9. In an ideal world, I would bump into you at the airport because I can not be in Paris this Wednesday. Next time. Have a great tweetup and enjoy Paris.

  10. Twitter, Blog, I don’t know where to finally communicate with you! I’m ready to support you, Harry’s Bar could be an option.
    Let us konw.

  11. Multiple folks have suggested La Cantine, will this work?

    It should be: 1) in a central location for all, access to subway 2) able to scale to accomidate a small-to-medium sized group

    I see there are a few places with that name, what’s the actual URL and address?

  12. Delaville or Pub Saint Germain sound good.

    Will try to be there, if not sent to Switzerland 🙁

  13. Delaville Café is perfect considering the 2 constrains you’re mentionning :
    – it’s big : we can easily be as much as 20, and there would still be enough space.
    – it’s central : accessible, 30 minutes aways max. from anywhere in Paris.

    La cantine is great too, but i’d rather go for the Delaville.

    My 2 cents.

  14. This is an invitation!

    Enjoy Paris!

    Kind regards,

    Ludmila Morozova, The Paris Business Referral Network organizer

  15. twitter – elenipallas.

    I’ll be wherever you finally decide to have it.


  16. I’m leaning towards LaCantine, I just tweeted at them to see if they can accomidate us.

    If anyone knows them, please ask on my behalf, then leave a comment here.

  17. Go for LaCantine, I had Marie-Vorgan on the phone. She’s the lead angel of the place 🙂 Email Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic She or Nathanel will contact you shortly
    I will be there,


  18. We can start at la Cantine which is ze place if you want to be in the french web eco-sphere as mentionned previously, and going on with DelaVille Cafe which is around the corner..

  19. Great idea, looking forward to meeting all of the Twitterverse in La Cantine. Count me in then.

  20. Excellent see you all there.

    I’m staying near the Louvre, so I think I’ll walk north for 15 minutes, watch for a lost/confused asian american guy.

  21. Hi again!

    Yesterday, when I left my comment, i really expected an answer. to know if I can come even though I’ve never been part of your twibe?

    Looking forward for an answer before tonight!

  22. Yes, walk north. As soon as you start to hear people speaking in dutch, head to the south (because you’ll be in Belgium) 😉


  23. @elenipallas

    so sorry that something’s come up & i cannot come. hope to meet you all next time!


  24. Can’t make it up north this evening – any chance for a Barcelona Tweetup while you’re on vacation? 🙂

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