Impacts of MicroMedia on the Client/Vendor Relationship

If you don’t know how I use twitter, I’ve inverted the question from “what are you doing now” to instead be “What’s important to me now”. While I’m high volume, you can read how I use the tool. I added a 6th bullet to reflect how I use it work for work purposes.

One of our policies is not to disclose who our clients are. Why? many of our clients do not want the relationship known in public, so we honor that. So, as I visit different clients on my travels, I often indicate I’m visiting a client in Houston, or a client in New York. Lately, and interesting phenomenon has started happening that clients indicate that i’m at their work –and most recently they took pictures on Twitpic and posted. I have no issues with this, but learned that one of my client’s corp comm team was monitoring and appropriately reminded employees to be mindful in public.

This makes for a very unique situation, as the client has disclosed the working relationship before I have, so should I respond and thank them and make it known to everyone? I don’t know the answer, but I tend to lean on the conservative side. Either way, anyone who’s paying attention, can figure out exactly who I’m visiting a majority of the time –it’s a well connected industry.

Speaking of keeping everyone updated. Next week, I’ll be in Salt Lake City at the Omniture Summit, which will be attended by thousands, and includes a concert by Maroon 5, then I’ll be down in San Diego speaking to a university that knows how community is important to their students and alumni. In mid March I’ll be in Austin for SXSW, and helping some clients, then head to Minneapolis, and will be hosting a tweetup. April, I’ll be in Orlando at Forrester’s Marketing conference, then in mid May, I’ll be in Amsterdam and Paris, and am open to other gigs in Europe.

Proto Analyst Ray Wang who writes A Software Insiders Point of View convinced me to sign up to Tripit, you can find me there if you already have an account.