Video: Facebook Girl

Culture meets Social Networks, I wonder what high school would have been like if I had social networks or even email available. We communicated using pagers –but few of us had cell phones so it was quite odd. I’m sure rumors, relationship status, and test cheat notes spread faster than ever possible. If you like this video, I’ve posted up a few others Videos: When Social Media enters Popular Culture.

Best line? “I poke you, and you never poke back”.

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  1. You had a cell phone in high school? Pagers, even? I bought a beeper my senior year of college. No such thing as cell phones in high school, other than those bulky “car phones.”

    I wonder how high school would have been different, not by poking, but by sites like Hot or Not.

  2. OMG, this is a great video: so true with our Facebook addiction these days 🙂 You were the one – who got me there in 2007! he he!

    This is the best example of product evangelism that became a lifestyle and comes from the users!!! Top compliment for any brand!

  3. Jeremiah, What is your prediction for my almost 4 year old? What communication mode will she be using in another ten years? Almost scary to think about? Will she have a chip implanted in her ear that allows her to have an automatic “tweet” delivered from any boy in the neighborhood without me even knowing. I think I’m about to be sick just thinking about it…

  4. This reminds me how far we have come in the couple of decades since I was in high school. Most of us did not even have a digital watch, let alone personal computer! So no cell phones or pagers, and social media of course. Our preferred form of private communication was hastily scribbled notes passed under the desk.

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  6. Great video, there was a time we used to have a desktop pc but now technology goes mobile.
    You browse the web through cell phone at work, drive, school or even when you are on bed. Life is very easy now.

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