Herding Behavior on Friendfeed

I’ve been pretty quiet here on this blog for the last few days, and will continue to be. why? I’m seeing a shift in discussion over to Friendfeed, and will be sharing links of things that I see are interesting, engaging in conversations, and will “like” (indicating I find someone else’s content is interesting). While I’ll still continue to use tools like Twitter and my blog, I’ve noticed an increase in activity.

Friendfeed contains many of the social behaviors all on one platform, aside from aggregating content (you can see all my tweets, flickr, digg, upcoming, blogs on one stream) you yourself can be a creator, critic, collector, joiner, or spectator. (learn more about these from this presentation)

Similiar to Facebook’s newsfeed, the tool prioritizes what’s interesting in your network of friends, which I call a Micromeme (based off my interview with the CEO). Also, if you’re curious how brands will use Friendfeed, I’ve already made a prediction on how they’ll use it for collecting content from disparate sources –esp during an announcement.

You can find me at Friendfeed at Jowyang.

Update: Louis Gray suggests that I show off my discussion page, where you can see how I’ve reacted to particular items, both mine and others.