Data Indicates Facebook Reaching Mainstream Visitor Rate (Compete, Alexa, Quantcast)

Facebook’s stats page indicate that they’ve 250mm uniques users, with 120mm unique visitors per day. I rarely believe numbers provided by vendors as they can easily be stretched so it’s important to compare third party data sources. Looking at just one source is never enough, but comparing trend lines across 3 multiple data sources really gives a greater view. The specific numbers themselves aren’t as important as the overall trend that all three are indicating: Facebook continues to grow in unique visitors from three separate data methods. Two of the data sources indicate is slipping. Below Image: Alexa indicates Yahoo is trending down while Facebook trends upwards over last 2 years Below Image: Quantcast indicates Facebook’s on the rise … Continue readingData Indicates Facebook Reaching Mainstream Visitor Rate (Compete, Alexa, Quantcast)

Social Media Measurement: Dashboards vs GPS

Left Image: The dashboard in a car measures key health metrics, but the most important screen is the GPS, it tells me where I’m headed, where I am. and how to get there. Yesterday, I attended Federated Media’s Conversational Marketing Summit in the gorgeous Presidio (my family has history there, my Grandfather was a First LT in the Airforce in WW2 and spent much time there) and moderated a panel on one of my favorite topics: Social Media Measurement. On the panel I had Rob Crumpler, President and CEO, BuzzLogic, Avinash Kaushik, Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist, Google, Shahar Nechmad, Founder and CEO, NuConomy, and David Veneski, representing demand from the brands at Intel. These guys were smart. Although I wasn’t … Continue readingSocial Media Measurement: Dashboards vs GPS

Democractic Nomination: Twitter, Blog, and Nominee Website Activity

I was watching the chatter, and participating in the conversation, with great fascination. I’ve recorded some data using free social media tools (minutes after Obama left the stage), that look at keywords on twitter, as well as ‘traffic’ to websites of the runners. I rarely place much weight in any single use of these tools, but there is a clear trend towards Obama getting a great deal of activity. Is this telltale to the future? I’m not sure. Above: Twist provides activity of keywords over last 7 days. I recorded this immediately after Obama spoke. No surprise that Obama frequency would be higher during this event centered on him. Above: TweetVolume, date range unknown, making it difficult to place any … Continue readingDemocractic Nomination: Twitter, Blog, and Nominee Website Activity

Don’t ignore and Stumbleupon

Measurement is important I’m pretty particular about stats, measurement has always been pretty important, in the corporate landscape measurement is needed to help justify success (or failure) even if you already know something is working to executives. After defining ones goals, you should setup a measurement process to benchmark your progress. Growth in referring traffic from Delicious and Stumbleupon Lately, I’ve been noticing a crescendo in the referrals from both and Stumbleupon, websites, their currently the 5th and 6th top referrer yet again. Much of the traffic has been coming in my recent Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008, (Update: which has 578 tags on Delicious, and reinforcing comments) which would didn’t do well on Digg (more entertainment … Continue readingDon’t ignore and Stumbleupon

Video: KD Paine on Social Media Measurement, on Program Plans, Strategies, and Best Practices

Katie Paine shares how internal teams use measurement of social media, she’s been doing PR measurement for years, and has evolved to measure social media. She’s often told me “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Of course, trying to manage social media has been hotly debated in my last post. She invited me to present at her metrics conference a few months ago, but new hire training took priority. She’s one of the top thinkings and practitioners in the space, so give her your full attention in this video. Learn more about her company KDPaine and Partners, thanks KD for your time. You may remember the video blog, Web Strategy Show I used to run at PodTech … Continue readingVideo: KD Paine on Social Media Measurement, on Program Plans, Strategies, and Best Practices

Web Strategy Show: Jim Sterne on the State of the Web Analytics Industry, and Resource Allocation (24min)

I had the pleasure to interview with one of the Web Analytics gurus, Jim Sterne, who is the host and coordinator the popular eMetrics conference that takes place around the globe. I asked Jim on the broadpicture of the web analytics industry, and he gave us some specific goals, strategy, and objectives for web analytics. Find out how this growing (yet small) industry is getting underway, find out what you can do to get involved and get started into this industry. It’s a small niche and growing industry, so get involved and show interest. At 14:00 minutes into it, we get into another discussion, focusing on web campaigns, and answer “How to determine where your resources go in a web … Continue readingWeb Strategy Show: Jim Sterne on the State of the Web Analytics Industry, and Resource Allocation (24min)

Video: Web Measurement Standardization, CEO Gary Angel on Functionalism (15 min)

I was able to interview Gary Angel, CEO of Semphonic on one of my favorite topics: Measurement. There’s three reasons why Social Media Measurement is important: 1) Proof: Companies deploying social media need to measure, as it’s a ‘new’ type of program. 2) Manage: You can’t manage what you can’t measure proves to be true, and lastly, 3) Whoever controls the measurement for this space drives the revenue, go to Ad:Tech and you’ll realize how important this is. As this industry starts to standardize, Gary discusses his ‘functionalism’ framework that he’s put together, it standardizes a measurement methodology for any web template. Can a standardization be applied to any webpage? Gary thinks so. I questioned him if webpages can have … Continue readingVideo: Web Measurement Standardization, CEO Gary Angel on Functionalism (15 min)

How does Google’s Analytics Evangelist measure his blog?

I was sitting next to Avinash Kaushik, one of the top web analytics bloggers out there, he works for Google and evangelizes Google Analytics (which I use) and analytics at large. I was one of the folks that prodded him into blogging, and took this example to show him how I was using MicroMedia (Twitter and Utterz to start with). Since I missed his speaking session, I asked him to summarize his presentation. A while ago, I interviewed Avinash on the Web Strategy Show, I think it was one of the most viewed shows (second to Michael Dell). If you’re passionate about Web Analytics, former Jupiter Analyst and current Web Analytics pro Eric Peterson is running a survey on web … Continue readingHow does Google’s Analytics Evangelist measure his blog?

On Digg Again

Wow, I woke up this morning to find 70,000 viewers to this post, now on Digg. There are over 100,000 viewers to the image on flickr. Interesting the traffic from this post completely outnumbers the traffic from the last time I was on Digg, the audience grows larger. The last time I was on Digg, it hit 8000 readers. It’s nearly 10 times that amount a few months later. If you’ve questions about SMO, talk to ACS. Update: Here’s the traffic data from the Digg spike. I was averaging 1450 visits a day before Oct 11th and then it spiked to 55k and it’s still trailing off

Top 5 posts over the last half year

In the spirit of self analysis, Dennis McDonald often posts the top downloaded documents on his blog. If you don’t know Dr Dennis, he’s an experienced, and level-headed IT consultant that I’ve known and been communicating with since 2005 (I guess we were thinking ahead). In fact, we started a white paper in late 2005 called “Business and I.T. Must Work Together to Manage New “Web 2.0″ Tools”. Although we wrote that white paper nearly two years ago, it continues to be downloaded and consumed (ranked number 6), as it’s finally becoming relevant to the enterprise workforce. If you’re a new reader to my blog, you may be surprised to find out, that before I became so focused on social … Continue readingTop 5 posts over the last half year