Video: Social Media in Plain English

Lee Lefever does yet another great video, explaining the difficult to explain and what it means to people, business and industries. I liked how he focused on what’s really important, the change between people and institutions, not just tools. He’s even offering these videos for internal education at companies, go to his site to learn more. Lee has also been creating videos for others, he’s not just talking about social media but living it as a business.

I’ve got a whole archive of all his shows (or you can go to his site), I often send this to folks that are trying to understand this space.

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  1. Thanks a bunch Jeremiah. This video was the hardest we’ve ever done – there must have been 5 or 6 different scripts and lots of iteration. I’m glad you like this flavor. Our board is starting to look more attractive all the time. I do appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Lee

    I noticed you created multiple sizes for some of the images, and when you move other images, it doesn’t move around, you’re really perfecting your craft.

  3. It’s good Lee finally put out one of his clips on social media. Those of us who adopt early tend to forget the incredible gap among the great public (who are the real users of this stuff anyway).

    Hopefully, this latest video will get viral enough to get folks up to speed.

  4. The video’s value became evident after having a animate discussion with a fellow BabyBoomer who claimed that she didn’t get social media’s purpose.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and I can’t wait for her to see this!

  5. I absolutely love this series of YouTube videos. And this one does not disappoint. Thanks for posting.

  6. I’m a “baby-boomer-believer” in the power of social media!

    And this explains many aspects of it well.

    Maybe I’m a… well, just passionate, but I believe it’s gonna be possible to drag in us semi-geezers for social networking and a lot more.

    hmmm… just happens to be what I’m putting together… anyway… feel free to let me know if I’m crazy… but we’re moving ahead and gaining support…

  7. Thanks for the post.

    Found the video great. Some of your other posts tend to be a to “techy” in a lot of ways for me. I tried the Twitter thing, and I don’t get it. I think I’ll watch the twitter in plain english video now.

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