I need a vacation, I’ve been on the grid for over 900 days.

I’m going to be spending some time away, which will be the first time in over two and a half years that I’ll be completely offline. I won’t be checking email, my blog, or twitter, so you’ll have to catch me when I get back in a few days.

The last 6 months as an analyst have been very busy, I hit my goals in the role, published research, helped clients, and supported the company move it’s own social media efforts forward –all while maintaining this blog.

But not everything went smoothly, I’ve made a few mistakes on the way that I wish I could have fixed, but I’ll file those away as some hard lessons. A rough customer presentation, a few internal speedbumps, trying hard to learn how to write reports in the Forrester style (it’s like learning a new language) and learning new research and analytical skills. I’ve given up a lot of sleep, frankly, I worked hard, so I need to recharge.

So, I’m delivering a presentation to executives of B2B tech companies from around the world today in Oahu, then I’ll be taking some time off and will return fully charged.

In the meantime, while I take some time off, I encourage you to follow the following people: Colleagues Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li on the Groundwell blog, Peter Kim, Shel Israel who’s cataloging how social media impacts culture, and listen to Jennifer Jones’ Marketing Voices on your walk/jog/workout. Each of these folks are respected peers, and have become great personal friends.

If you want to peruse my archives, some of my most popular posts are here, or you can leave me feedback about this blog in this survey I’m running.

But don’t just take my recommendations, if you know someone that’s doing great work in the internet strategy, web marketing, or social media space, leave a comment suggesting them below.

I really enjoy this industry, the collaboration of the community, and meeting so many interesting people, thank you all being part of this online experience.