Video: Len Devanna on Culture Changes how Corporations Adopt Social Media (3min)

Len Devanna is a Web Strategist at EMC I was able to get his precious time in SF recently, and he shared with me how to get organizations to adopt social media.

Learn how to change and move a large culture, how to demonstrate there is value (vs being a time waster) and convincing management.

Listen in at the very end, Len shares his one bit of advice (from being in the trenches) on what to always remember.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, great interview for folks trying to incorporate social media marketing in corporate setting. (or any setting for that matter)


  2. Jeremiah – Thanks for the discussion and for sharing it with your audience. I appreciate it.

    Also thanks to everyone for the comments. I’ve been inundated with questions & comments through various channels – and my Twitter following has grown considerably in 24 hours 😉

    I want to keep this conversation going… If you’re working to deploy Social Media in the enterprise – drop by my blog, add me on Twitter or drop an email and let’s connect. I think it absolutely critical that we all continue to learn from one another.


  3. hi there-

    We have an exciting opportunity for a Global Web Leader/ Strategist; I’m trying to connect with Len Devanna too for networking for this position.

    We are searching for a Global Web Leader for an international industrial products company. Our client is a worldwide organization with approximately $12 billion in revenue and 60,000+ people in 40+ countries around the world.

    The individual selected for this role will have a unique career opportunity to lead, create and deploy the global website strategy for the Company. This is a new role with tremendous top management support, including a multi-million dollar budget to carry out this work. We are seeking an individual viewed as an expert by their peers and within their industry to lead this long-term effort.

    We would appreciate you sharing this information with an individual who has done significant work in this field; you may also call or email this information to us.

    Sue Oberliesen
    Recruiting and Research Coordinator
    The Human Resource Group, Inc.

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