Pregame Buzz for the TwitterBowl

A few folks are starting to spread the news and are interseted in being a couch-based superbowl ad critic. If you’ve not heard the news, we’re going to use twitter to rate the ads, the instructions are here.

Bored at the game and want to be a participant, and not just an observer? This is a community based event, just to add another layer of social media on top of an existing event.

Here’s what folks are saying:

  • Lionel from the official Dell Blog is going to participate, watch for their superbowl ad
  • David Armano is calling this the Twitter Bowl and asks you to “Look at the people around the room. How many of them will be fiddling with some kind of mobile device? Yeah—phone calls count ”
  • Ontario Emperor wonders if the Ad Agencies will be watching Twitter, I’m positive some will, as I know several PR people will be participating, and therefore advertising and interactive agencies.
  • Francene Hardaway says on Twitter: @superbowlads. This will give us women who are bored something constructive to do. Superbowl is always a lousy game.
  • MarketingProfs constructs Superbowl haikus, and here
  • David Berkowitz sees this as an overlay over an actual event
  • Ken Kaplan talks in his comments about his favorite ads
  • By the way, you can follow me on twitter at jowyang, I’ll add you back.