Sharing Is Not New

Sharing is not new, we’ve been doing it since we assembled into primitive tribes. A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to an insurance company in Iowa. They were intrigued by my focus on the Collaborative Economy (sharing economy, maker movement, co-innovation). We had a lively conversation, and they shared with me, “Jeremiah, we love what you’re doing, but it’s not that new! In the Midwest we’ve been sharing for hundreds of years. People share their farms, their land, their time, their crops, and their equipment. You see, it’s just called being a good neighbor.” They made an excellent point. Sharing isn’t new. It’s the earliest form of behavior necessary likely born out of safety and prosperity of the individual. The axiom … Continue readingSharing Is Not New

Community Managers Evolve in the Collaborative Economy #CMAD

Today marks the 5th Annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, or #CMAD for short. I’m thankful to the community for rallying behind this day when I initiated it in 2010. I had seen that some of our hardest working business folks were struggling to manage the onslaught of communications, maintain the balance of internal and external stakeholders, and deal with the emotional toll of responding to customers days, nights and weekends. This year’s event is being spearheaded by Tim McDonald one of the community leads at the Huffington Post. He’s not alone. There are thousands of community professionals rallying behind the cause, and top social business software and services companies who’ve created content in recognition of it. Tim also created a website, Community Manager Appreciation Day, dedicated … Continue readingCommunity Managers Evolve in the Collaborative Economy #CMAD

It’s Just the Economy

“The Long Road” a photo by Kris Krug.People often ask me, “which term should I use?  the sharing economy? collaborative economy? the trust economy? or some other term?” I give my answer, but often remind them if we’re successful, it’ll just be called the Economy. New movements naturally experience a period of exploration, debate, and adoption of new terms. Over time, the use those terms tend to fade away as other new terms are introduced. About a decade ago, I was intimately involved in exploring the first phase of sharing, social media, from a business context. Today, ten years later, as the physical world is being shared more efficiently through technology, I’m observing similar patterns of change. When we saw … Continue readingIt’s Just the Economy

Four Traits of Effective Leaders

Photo “Sailing Ship” by Gideonc, used under creative commons license. These traits certainly don’t comprise a complete list of what makes leaders effective, but, just as certainly, they are common – perhaps uncommonly common – among effective leaders. I’ve observed these traits while working with CEOs, market leaders and executives, not to mention learning many of them the hard way – on my own. There are four things I’ve found to be common among effective leaders: A clear, shared vision. An effective leader has a singular, unshakable vision. They are able to clearly communicate that vision as the driving passion for all those who choose to follow. They inspires the entire company to join in his vision and make it their … Continue readingFour Traits of Effective Leaders

The Power of Collaboration

  Today is the start of a long journey, as businesses can also be part of this new economy. I’m excited! Today is a milestone, it’s the first Crowd Companies council session –we’re kicking off! The above video was played in our session, to set the tone of the council, we worked with Visually, a collaborative marketplace to get it created. Crowd Companies now has 26 companies in the council, and 22 startups from the collaborative movement. Together, we’re exploring, discussing, learning, engaging, connecting, and activating within the Collaborative Economy. All within a program focused on the business models and trends we see emerging. Our speakers are authors, startup CEOs, the members themselves, and even folks who are living a … Continue readingThe Power of Collaboration

The Crowd Companies Kickoff Event

Last night, at a San Francisco Airbnb location, we kicked off Crowd Companies, by hosting a physical face-to-face meet- up of council members, leaders from the Innovation Network, and key industry experts., Photos of this ground-breaking event follow belowto bring it to life, I’ve included some photos below. Exactly one month ago today, on Dec 10th, we announced Crowd Companies at the LeWeb conference in Paris, with 24 Fortune 500 companies as founding members, with more in the process of joining. We had several goals for last night’s event. I wanted to build physical-world relationships between council members, make personal introductions with the Innovation Network members, introduce teammates Angus and Miranda, enjoy amazing food and drink, and engage in dialog about the Collaborative … Continue readingThe Crowd Companies Kickoff Event

3D Printing Business Models Spell Ecosystem Change

Above: MakerBot 3-D printer from MakerBot Flickr account. This blog is focused on the relationship between large companies and their communities (customers, partners, and more) as it relates to new technologies. Emerging markets generate a desire for large companies to integrate new technologies to scope out new business models, scenarios and plans. Within this context I propose four major scenarios for large companies to offer 3D printing and scanning technologies within their business ecosystem. New business models are emerging, transforming retailers into manufacturers and service providers, offering customized products at scale, and reconfiguring supply chain and logistics into new business entities heretofore unseen and into others we’ve yet to see.  As a primer, before you read on, be sure to read the … Continue reading3D Printing Business Models Spell Ecosystem Change

2014 Collaborative Economy Predictions on NBC (video)

Above:  The embedded video player will allow you to play the short, 8 minute clip from my interview in the “hot seat” on NBC. Happy New Year all, it’s great to ring in the new year, right after the Dec 10th launch of my new company, Crowd Companies.   To kick start the new year, NBC asked me to go to their Silicon Valley TV studio for the Press:Here show hosted by Scott McGrew to give three predictions for 2014 around the collaborative economy. Here’s what I told them, which you can also watch above: Uber will start to threaten Amazon, as they can deliver goods at local level. Uber can deliver at a local level, faster than 3-day shipping from an … Continue reading2014 Collaborative Economy Predictions on NBC (video)