Some Conversations have shifted to Friendfeed

Friendfeed aggregates your friends social activities
As if Twitter wasn’t enough, I’m seeing a surge of usage on Friendfeed, and it’s worth watching. Friendfeed is an aggregator of lifestreams.

Understanding Lifestreams
What’s a lifestream? It pulls all your friends social media activities (from twitter, flickr, blogs, facebook, and anything else with RSS) onto one page. In addition to the aggregation, there’s a robust commenting system where people are able to leave comments, post comments up to 2000 characters (see my test).

Twitter downtime spurring Friendfeed growth
Now many are starting to suggest this is a twitter-killer, but in reality it’s not, unless the downtime continues (Twitter was down 37 hours, Jan-April 08, the most of any social network). Twitter is one of the many tributaries that makes up one’s publishing stream, and Friendfeed simply aggregates them all.

Filtering tools
In the end, the noise on Friendfeed could be far greater than Twitter, in addition to tweets, you’ll be seeing other high frequency conversations occur and updates. Update: Louis Gray has a how-to guide on how to use the ‘hide’ feature to filter content. It looks like Friendfeed does elevate the most active discussions to the top of a page (I noticed this on my page) so it looks like it will do some filtering.

Future of Content: Amorphous and Ubiquitous
In the future, expect content to continue to separate from the website platforms they first originated on, content continues to become amorphous and read and written off domain.

Network with other Friendfeed users: leave handle in comments

If you want to Network with others, leave your Friendfeed handle below in the comments, mine is jowyang. I recommend you don’t add your name if you don’t want to network with many folks.

Update: Hmm, case in point: many are confused where to put their handle, as they’re seeing replicas of this same blog post over in Friendfeed. Some say I created a cascade!