Contextual Ads Based Off Social Network Profile: Twitter and Facebook

Things are moving very quickly now, in fact I was pleased to learn about these contextual ads from my new friend Cory O’Brien in SF yesterday. In my latest report “The Future of the Social Web” we pointed that in the near future we’ll start to see web pages dynamically created based on user profile ID in social networks. Essentially, your corporate, media, or ecommerce site could provide contextual media, content, and advertisement based on users’ info before they login. [In the Future, The Era of Social Context Will Serve Personalized Content, Media, and Ads to Users based on their Social Networking Information] Here’s an early example of a contextualized advertising campaign from VW (by agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, … Continue readingContextual Ads Based Off Social Network Profile: Twitter and Facebook

Breakdown: Digg Allows Community To Choose Advertisements

Left: This screenshot, provided by Digg shows how an EA Sims ad is embedded in main body editorial as sponsored, as well as in upper right bug. Digg Launches Community Voted Advertising: “Digg Ads” Digg, who was formerly partnered with Microsoft for advertising, announced that they will be launching a new type of advertising unit that allows Digg members to vote up (digg) or down (bury) ads that appear in the editorial stream. As a result, the ads that are voted up will cost less to the advertiser. ¬†Nodding to the power of the community isn’t new for Digg, in the past the Digg community actually has more control than the management team, so turning over the advertising power to … Continue readingBreakdown: Digg Allows Community To Choose Advertisements