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The Business Models in a Post-Covid World in Five Phases

A few months in, many people are still finding it hard to grasp the scale and scope of COVID-19’s impact. Now, a second crisis in the form of unprecedented economic damage is underway. The World is Reformatting The viral outbreak has forced the business world to make some big changes. Many companies have found ways for their employees to work online from the safety of their homes. The office water cooler is now on stand down, and any gossip must be conducted digitally! It’s probably certain, however, that the chatter hasn’t gone away! Why Some Businesses Will Survive While Others Won’t: Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who’s been swimming naked — -Warren Buffet In boom times, most businesses … Continue readingThe Business Models in a Post-Covid World in Five Phases

Resources: Upskilling in a Downmarket

If you know someone who’s lost a job, or has extra time to add new digital skills white sequestered at home, I’ve partnered with Scott Monty, to create a living document with free resources: Upskilling in a Downmarket. It contains links to free training, free software, job boards, online events, and other perks from large companies who are trying to help during this challenging time.

2020: Digital, Online, and Virtual Events for the Tech and Business Industry

For the business person who’s now working at home, or is travel-restricted, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to the industry. Many physical-world conferences are shifting to digital, virtual, or blended experiences. This list will help you stay organized on which event to attend, and when. Event organizers and marketers: use this to coordinate market timing. Submit your conference (date and URL) by emailing me at 2020: Digital, Online, and Virtual Events for the Tech and Business Industry (that were once physical events): MARCHVirtual Health Conference, in replacement of HIMSS20 (Independent group announced first) March 11th (hat tip: Mike Doeff)HIMSS20 (the official group) also announced a virtual event, date TBD (ht: Mike Doeff)Strata, March 17-18th (ht: Dan … Continue reading2020: Digital, Online, and Virtual Events for the Tech and Business Industry

Effects of Coronavirus on the Tech Sector

Drones are being mounted with thermal cameras to identify infected citizens, and used for crowd monitoring. by Jeremiah Owyang, Tech AnalystIf you’re like me, you’re carefully watching the news of how COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus has caused wide-reaching effects on society, economics, and political relationships. This post will focus on the impacts and responses to and from the technology sector. AI could fight the current and future viruses. A global network of AI backed by scientists could harness incredible amounts of data from infected people.This could work in a networked way to predict, solve, and eradicate viruses. Electronics production slows. Multiple electronic companies from consumer to medical equipment have announced that production will slow. Some expect that prices for remaining inventory will increase … Continue readingEffects of Coronavirus on the Tech Sector

Interview: Six Digital Eras on the Sprinklr Coffee Club

Please see above embedded YouTube recording, or access directly, of an interview I recently completed with my long term friend Marshall Kirkpatrick who leads Analyst/Influencer Relations at Sprinklr. We discussed my take on the Six Digital Eras, Tech Wellness, and how businesses will respond to these future trends. I’ve really enjoyed how our careers have intertwined from the early days of social media to how digital has impacted companies in every role and department. A few of the resources I cited: Six Digital Eras, and my posts on Modern Wellbeing. Photo from Pexels

Phases of Digital Transformation Maturity: from Stunted Awareness to Sustained Vitality

By Jeremiah Owyang, Jessica Groopman and Jaimy Szymanski. Digital transformation has become a top priority to many companies, yet to provide clarity to an overused term, we published a definition and now share a maturity framework with descriptors. We define digital transformation as: a technological, cultural, and operational shift in which organizations leverage data to deliver customer value, innovate with agility, and sustain vitality.  The final word of this definition is the end state: “vitality”. This suggests the organization is architected to be proactive and foster new business growth both internally and externally across an ecosystem of customers, partners, and beyond.  So how do companies get to vitality? As a research firm, we’ve conducted over 200 interviews over the last … Continue readingPhases of Digital Transformation Maturity: from Stunted Awareness to Sustained Vitality

(Re)Defining Digital Transformation in a Data-driven Era

Digital Transformation Defined If you’ve read the myriad definitions of digital transformation and thought they sounded a decade old, you’re right. Many of the definitions, while certainly appropriate at the time, were focused on digitization over transformation (aka turning paper into PDFs). As a result, the definitions have become either too narrowly scoped or rich with meaningless buzzwords.  At Kaleido Insights, we think it’s time to refine the definition of digital transformation to better reflect the data-driven era we find ourselves in. We’ve interviewed scores of business and technology leaders to gather inputs, as well as engaged in discussion on social media. The result is a working definition (read: it will keep evolving!) that speaks to the modern-day innovator’s charter:  … Continue reading(Re)Defining Digital Transformation in a Data-driven Era

Digital Transformation = Culture & Business Model Change

he Digital Directive by Kaleido Insights is a heuristic evaluation of Digital Transformation within a company, there are seven major modules and over 60 total specific criteria. Many companies talk about “Digital Transformation” but use it in a limited fashion, such as: just turning paper into PDFs or using web tools to communicate to customers, but in the end, the core culture, and even business model has changed. The scope of digital transformation is wide: In our offering the Digital Directive, we’ve segmented it in seven major modules (each spans multi-departments), for a total of 60 criteria in how we scan this for companies in our Digital Diagnostic offering. The seven modules you must analyze include: Strategy, Data, Customer Experience, … Continue readingDigital Transformation = Culture & Business Model Change

Tech Trend: Rent a Satellite from These Companies

Photo by NASA on Unsplash This is an important trend: imagine having a birds-eye view of your home, commute, company, supply chain  or competitors. Recently I gave you the What, Why & How of Satellites as a Service. Now, I’m going to break down the current players in the space – pun intended. Quick recap – You can now “own” your own satellite with Satellites as a Service. Rent space on someone else’s satellite. The sharing/collaborative economy has gone to space.  It’s key we understand this trend, as this data-service will provide incredible troves of information about your customers and competitors — and they will get access to this information, too.  Ground StationFounded201020192012Key ExecutivesChris Boshuizen, Robbie Schingler, Will Marshall (all ex-NASA)Shayn … Continue readingTech Trend: Rent a Satellite from These Companies