To The Future! A List of Intention Enabled Websites

The web is quickly moving to real-time, people share the information about what they’re doing while their doing it. Yet the next step beyond real time, is future-looking data, which is called the Intention Web (get up to speed by reading this post). In an effort to map out this trend in 2010, let’s list out the vendors, companies, and beyond that will facilitate this type of forward looking data. There are countless opportunities for people to connect with others with the same goals, or for companies that want to serve them as new technologies like Social CRM evolve and develop. Scope: These Intention websites facilitate a person to publish their future goals in the context of their community, or … Continue readingTo The Future! A List of Intention Enabled Websites

When Real Time Is *Not* Fast Enough: The Intention Web

Things started slow I remember when people would go to conferences, take notes, then share them a few hours or days later.  Then in 2005-2006 I noticed people started to live blog sessions, anxious readers would refresh as the page was updated in real time –sometimes with photos.  Fast forward to Dec 2006, Twitter emerges to the early adopters and people begin to share in real-time.   Plurk, Jaiku, and then Facebook status updates emerge, followed by the enterprise vendors like SocialText, it’s not just a product, status updates are now a feature. [The Intention Web: A Published, Anticipated Goal.] When Real Time Is Not Fast Enough: The Intention Web I’ll be presenting at Europe’s largest tech conference, LeWeb next … Continue readingWhen Real Time Is *Not* Fast Enough: The Intention Web