Video: How Web Strategy in Spain differs (2:35)

Click To Play If you can’t see the above video (perhaps you’re in a feedreader, or one of my email subscribers, please access the post directly) While in Barcelona recently, I got a chance to interview folks from the local blogging community, there were quite a few ex-pats, such as Lennert de Rijk Managing Director Spain, who focuses on Marketing in Spain. He shares his views on online marketing, how the culture and demographics are different in Spain compared to the UK, and other insights. You can find Leonard at this Spanish site called OnetoMarket, or this English version. What you’ll learn from this video Find out why companies fail when trying to market in Spain. Discover which age is … Continue readingVideo: How Web Strategy in Spain differs (2:35)

Video: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)

Click To Play Tristan Nitot, (his blog on open source in French) CEO of Mozilla Europe talks about how Firefox spread mainly through word of mouth and people just sharing it and advocating it to others. He suggests that the open source initiative first resonated with people, thus spurring word of mouth. They encouraged users to have the software loaded on a portable thumbnail flash drive, and install it wherever they went. Blogs were a big component of how it spread, as well as local communities that would be passionate about their region, self-supporting each other, and spreading the word. Un traditional web strategies As you may know, Mozilla hasn’t done a lot of traditional marketing or advertising (except for … Continue readingVideo: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)

Evangelism, Technographics, Culture, and Early Adopters…A lunch time conversation at Mozilla

(Left: Clever HR ploy or relaxed place to work? Mozilla’s “Beach” must keep vacation requests to a minimum) Update: My host, Seth has responded from his community blog. I’ve been an observer of the browser market for some time, since I live much of my awake live within one, and have been privy to interview the IE7 team on their launch, and also have been recently got a demo from Flock’s CEO (my thoughts on the opportunities). Seth Bindernagel, of Mozilla’s Evangelism team invited me to swing by the Mountain View headquarters, I was in luck, as there were folks from out of town like Gen Kanai (Japan) that I’ve been wanting to meet for quite some time. As soon … Continue readingEvangelism, Technographics, Culture, and Early Adopters…A lunch time conversation at Mozilla

Video: Cyworld, Social Network with Communication, Collaboration, Self-Expression and “Peeping” (2:30)

Click To Play Lars Schwenk, General Manager of Cyworld Europe shared with me what it takes to be a community, we were at Forrester’s Consumer forum in Barcelona. If you’re not familiar with Cyworld that have heavy penetration in South Korea, (50% of Koreans is a member — and that 95 percent of its target youth market is active –Marketwatch) where it was birthed. Find out his four components of community: Communication, Collaboration, Self-Expression and what he calls “Peeping”. Something I swear I’ve never done. I asked my Twitter network (over 1700 of them) what questions to ask Lars, and David Berkowitz wanted to know what we could learn from Asia’s deployment of Cyworld and what it means to the … Continue readingVideo: Cyworld, Social Network with Communication, Collaboration, Self-Expression and “Peeping” (2:30)

Video: MySpace’s Jay Stevens shares the value of Community (3:30)

Click To Play Jay Stevens, an executive for MySpace EMEA, was one of the keynotes at Forrester’s recent Consumer Forum conference. He shared with me the value of community, his definition of community (find out what “peeping” is all about) and the opportunities afforded to marketers who use social networks to connect with customers. He gives a few kick steps to get started, a must-know for anyone getting ready, what’s the recommendation? Get a strategy. I also was live blogging his presentation Marketing in a Networked Culture if you want to get more in depth information, thanks Jay for your time.

Photoblog: Glimpses of Bareclona by Night

Having just returned from the airport a few hours ago (I was on 6 flights in 10 days) it’s good to be back. It’s rare I post a personal post, but I had such an amazing time in Barcelona, I feel compelled to share. I was busy working most of the day at the conference, so I only had time to go out at night. Fortunately, Barcelona’s culture is designed for night life, after work, I have drinks and tapas, take a nap, get cleaned up, then headed out (such as the Barcelona Blogger Dinner). Coincidently, on my second night out we ended up at the same restaurant we were at the night before, although we sat outside. The last … Continue readingPhotoblog: Glimpses of Bareclona by Night

MySpace’s Jay Stevens on Marketing in a Networked Culture

I’m sitting at the front row of the Forrester Consumer Forum in Barcelona, this post will be cross published on the Marketing blog. I’ve had a few minutes to visit with Jay before his presentation, he’s Vice President of Operations for MySpace Europe. He’s a long background in the internet industry, and shared with me his background in communications and the web. Key nuggets from his presentation: History of MySpace: Launched in Jan 2004, by Tom Anderson and Chris de Wolfe. Grown from roughly 1MM uniques throughout Europe to more than 24MM today. There are currently 175 employees in 10 European territories. What’s a social network? Individual profiles, semi persistent public commentary on the profile, a traversable public articulated social … Continue readingMySpace’s Jay Stevens on Marketing in a Networked Culture

Barcelona Bloggers share insight and ideas over dinner

It’s obvious form the culture in Barcelona that it’s a community of sharing. I realized this as we passed plates and plates of tapas within a crowded restaurant to each over beers and passing ideas. It wasn’t just about the amazing tapas, but ideas, relationships, URLs and business cards were being shared about. Last night, the Barcelona blogging community culminated at the Buda Bar, a very upscale lounge suggested by Maria Sipka and Daniella (both of Linqia), our gracious community hostesses. About 30 individuals came out in this open city, and I learned that many were web entrepreneurs from other countries around the world. I’ve kicked off these bloggers dinners at various cities that I visit, and it’s really for … Continue readingBarcelona Bloggers share insight and ideas over dinner

How to virtually attend the Forrester Consumer Forum in Barcelona

I’m going to use this post to point to anyone that’s blogging or tweeting at the well attended Forrester Consumer Forum in Barcelona, where I’m here as an employee. I’m currently sitting in the front row and will be taking a few pictures. Later, I’ll head into some of the sessions and capture knowledge from the social media tracks. If you want to get real time updates of juicy nuggets of knowledge, go to the Forrester Twitter account being managed by Tracy and Peter both of Forrester. Let’s use the tag FCFEMEA07 (Forrester Consumer Forum, EMEA, 2007) for this events tag. Come back to this post, and I’ll update this post: Forrester Marketing Blog will have Q&A and session captures … Continue readingHow to virtually attend the Forrester Consumer Forum in Barcelona

See you at the Barcelona Blogger Dinner

See you at the Barcelona Blogger Dinner tonight, details on the wiki. For me this event is starting late, but hey, we’re in Barcelona and night life gets started later. Who’s going to be at the dinner? Maria Spika Jeremiah Owyang Carlos Blanco Marc Canter – spiratulally, virtually and socially (just not physically) In an OpenSocial kind of way. Peter Kim Elfried Klarenbeek Bart Termorshuizen Gary Stewart Henri Varlet Lennert de Rijk Toni Mascaró Jan-Willem van Beek Bas van Bokhorst Evert Jan Koning Alberto Domínguez BJ Fogg (Stanford University) Jesus Monleon Tomy Pelluz Haripako aka Francisco Vargas Christian Van Der Henst S. Francesc Pla (RailsLab) JC Duarte; & Strategy in a Day Victor Aloi Caroline Maerten(RollingTalks) Simon McDermott (Attentio) Sergio Gago Daniela Arens Alex Maneu Gregor Gimmy Update: Interestingly, according to Google Analytics the second most visiting country … Continue readingSee you at the Barcelona Blogger Dinner