Video: How Web Strategy in Spain differs (2:35)

Click To Play If you can’t see the above video (perhaps you’re in a feedreader, or one of my email subscribers, please access the post directly) While in Barcelona recently, I got a chance to interview folks from the local blogging community, there were quite a few ex-pats, such as Lennert de Rijk Managing Director Spain, who focuses on Marketing in Spain. He shares his views on online marketing, how the culture and demographics are different in Spain compared to the UK, and other insights. You can find Leonard at this Spanish site called OnetoMarket, or this English version. What you’ll learn from this video Find out why companies fail when trying to market in Spain. Discover which age is … Continue readingVideo: How Web Strategy in Spain differs (2:35)

Video: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)

Click To Play Tristan Nitot, (his blog on open source in French) CEO of Mozilla Europe talks about how Firefox spread mainly through word of mouth and people just sharing it and advocating it to others. He suggests that the open source initiative first resonated with people, thus spurring word of mouth. They encouraged users to have the software loaded on a portable thumbnail flash drive, and install it wherever they went. Blogs were a big component of how it spread, as well as local communities that would be passionate about their region, self-supporting each other, and spreading the word. Un traditional web strategies As you may know, Mozilla hasn’t done a lot of traditional marketing or advertising (except for … Continue readingVideo: Tristan, Mozilla’s European CEO on Evangelism and Word of Mouth (4:00)