2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook

For the last few years (see 2012 data). This analysis is a bellwether on how brands will spend on an integrated experience for the year. Overall, we saw brands still hold onto corporate websites, although a big jump in hashtag usage, and decline in Facebook integration. 2012-2013 Superbowl Ad Tech Integration Tech Integration Type 2012 2013 Percent Change Corporate URL/Microsite 58% 46% -12% Facebook 11% 7% -4% Hashtag 7% 38% +31% Shazam 6% 2% -4% Total Ads with Integration 68% 75% +7%   Integration to reach the Dynamic Customer a top priorty for brands. Brands know they must integrate their brand experience on multiple experiences and apply real time interaction, Altimeter’s research theme the Dynamic Customer Journey explores this challenging … Continue reading2013 Superbowl Ads Favor URLs, Hashtags –Not Facebook