The Collaborative Economy is Replicating Social Business #socbiz

Above image: Social Business Replicated by Collaborative Economy, Ver 1.1If you’re a social business professional, you’re in a prime spot to advance your career to the next phase: the Collaborative Economy. For over ten years, I was a social business professional. I helped Hitachi launch their program as a full time employee in 2005, started this Web Strategy blog, joined Forrester Research, and became a founding partner at Altimeter Group. I saw the genesis, evolution, maturity, and integration of an entire market in less than a decade. Today, another decade later, I’m witnessing the birth, growth, and emergence of the next phase of social connection: the Collaborative Economy. In social media, people created media and shared it on social networks. In this next phase, … Continue readingThe Collaborative Economy is Replicating Social Business #socbiz

The Collaborative Economy APIs Mean Changes to Commerce

  The Collaborative Economy continues to mainstream –with at least two of the key players launching APIs; this spells significant ecosystem change that will impact commerce, this post will attempt to answer what it means to the greater ecosystem.   [This is as significant as Facebook launching their API and Platform. This will spur thousands of apps, APIs and new businesses models] News: Uber has launched an API, with key launch partners, including traditional companies like Hyatt (Disclosure: Hyatt is a Crowd Companies member). Hailo also announced an API a few hours after Emerging startups will gravitate toward Uber: This also means that Collaborative Economy Startups that circle Uber’s orbit (there are over 9,000) are more likely to adopt Uber’s API as a way … Continue readingThe Collaborative Economy APIs Mean Changes to Commerce

Best Buy Launches API: Corporate Websites Extend to Open Web

I’m sitting in the Mashery room here at SXSW, a circus themed ‘tent’ with popcorn and geeks galore, I’ll be posting live coverage of things that I see and hear that I think are interesting that matter to corporate web strategists. A few years ago, I made a claim that corporate websites will be irrelevant. Why? the community –and trust– has shifted off the corporate domain. Similar to my coverage of the Guardian launchings an API, this API is powered by Mashery. Best Buy launched an API called Remix, that went public yesterday here at SXSW. What is it? It’s the entire product catalog now available to third party developer who can remash the content and create their own version … Continue readingBest Buy Launches API: Corporate Websites Extend to Open Web