Video: How COVID-19 Impacts the Future of Work

In this installment of Kaleido Insights’ video series exploring the future technology-related impacts of COVID-19, we cover the topic of “the Future of Work”

Future of Work: How are technologies impacting organizations and the nature of employment? 

Concerns about automation-enabled job displacement have collided with sudden mass unemployment and economic desperation. Future employment strategies will require balancing automation deployment with workers’ rights and the needs for safety and service continuity. Gig worker movements may use familiar mobile app technologies to organize and further extend the “sharing economy” infrastructure toward more distributed mutual aid services.

Companies will continue to plan for many employees to have a hybrid work experience (home and work). Strategies may include smaller offices in many more cities combined with working from home. Companies will make big investments in networking technology, security, data storage, and collaboration software. Virtual and augmented reality technologies will be implemented en masse to fill connection and innovation gaps, as well as build a strong remote work culture.

Following an adaptation to less physical work within facilities, fields, and onsite, corporations in the areas of construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail will continue to increase their reliance on so-called Industrial IoT technologies. Such technologies will be accelerated to increase resilience and boost supply chain efficiencies. They will include increased sensors to track valuable equipment and tools remotely, AR- and VR-powered remote monitoring and collaboration methodologies, drones, and computer-vision enabled cameras to monitor conditions.

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