Keynote Slides: How Crowds and Companies both Share

The above embedded presentation is my keynote at the 500 attendee SHARE conference today, I’m also on the conference board of advisors. This San Francisco conference has over 450 attendees spanning the sharing economy startup space, government, investment, and corporate to understand how these new collaborative economy models impact all areas of society. I’m pleased to present after industry pioneer Lisa Gansky who’ll set the stage for the industry. My focus? To explain how this collaborative economy is not limited to peer to peer only –but how corporations can and are playing a role.

Why focus on corporations? There’s at least three reasons: 1) If we can influence just 1% of their business model towards this new economy, it has global impacts to millions of people and long lasting impacts to resources 2) Corporations often build the very things that we’re sharing, and they must understand the new behaviors in this market, so they can address these new needs. 3) Lastly, when corporations nod towards utility of resources via sharing, it signals this behavior type starts to become more mainstream. While there are a number of other reasons, I’ll close my preso on five final takeaways:

Five Final Takeways (slide 31)

  1. The core of the sharing economy is always about people.
  2. Yet to make it sustain, we must engage governments, regulators, and corporations.
  3. Corporations who want to succeed will build shareable products, designed to last.
  4. Corporations will enable marketplaces of used goods and services.
  5. Crowd and Companies will work together for new business models for share

In this presentation I shared data from the collaborative economy timeline, a frequency of brand deploymentpeople adoption is going to double, the full report on behaviors, and the recently launched collaborative honeycomb. On a closing note, Deloitte University published a point of view on this growing collaborative economy, and noted that brands have a role. Companies are learning how to share with the community, to find new business models where both parties are going to benefit.


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  1. Hi Jeremiah,
    Your presentation is clear and revealing, especially as it has to do with how corporations are taking part to influence the collaborative economy.

    My key takeaway from this slide is : “Crowd and Companies will work together for new business models for share”. Its readily important that marketers get a quick hold of how to do B2C and B2B sharing. Flexibility in approach can make a difference for any marketer!

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    Sunday – contributor

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