Big Companies Ignite a Spark in the Collaborative Economy

In just the last few days, the market has noticed how P2P sharing and customer collaboration is picking up.  From my vantage point, this indicates that the market is realizing that the Collaborative Economy is the next phase of sharing.  It bears repeating that the first phase of sharing is in the realm of media and ideas, which we call Social Media. The next phase of sharing is in the physical realm (goods, services, space, and money) which some call the Collaborative Economy.  Because of my corporate focus, I use this broader term, as it encompasses the Maker Movement, crowd-funding, and co-innovation, which are all parts of companies sharing with the people –beyond P2P This transition doesn’t come without pain. The … Continue readingBig Companies Ignite a Spark in the Collaborative Economy

Guest Post: Altimeter’s new Analyst on Digital Marketing Suites, Andrew Jones

Jeremiah: Please welcome Andrew Jones, as a guest poster on the Web Strategy blog.  I worked with Andrew for many years at Altimeter, if you’ve read my research reports, you’ll often find him on the byline as a researcher involved in my work on social business, social media management systems, and more.  Andrew has showed fantastic research chops, derives insights, and is growing his capability to forecast future markets.   While I’ve moved on from Altimeter a month ago, I remain a friend of the firm (and on the board of advisors) and wanted to help showcase the new talent that’s rising, esp during these transition periods.  Please show Andrew the same warm welcome that others have shown me, as … Continue readingGuest Post: Altimeter’s new Analyst on Digital Marketing Suites, Andrew Jones

Why Do Big Companies Crowdfund?

Above image: Intertwined strands bonded together share the same shared fate of pulling a heavy load. “Why Do Big Companies Crowdfund?”  Suprinsingly, it’s often not about the money. That was the very question that was asked at Crowd Conference hosted in San Francisco yesterday. I had some stage time, but also listened into the panel where my contact Syndey Armani from CrowdFundBeat was speaking. What’s crowdfunding? Instead of turning to traditional investment institutions, you can turn to regular people from around the globe to contribute money towards a good, services, or experience. It’s pretty easy to guess why people crowd-fund, I see at least five reasons: A sense of ownership, revenue sharing, equity growing for resell later, access to goods … Continue readingWhy Do Big Companies Crowdfund?

The Next Phase of Sharing

The first phase of sharing was of media and ideas, we call this social media; the second phase of sharing is the sharing of the physical world, we call this the collaborative economy. Using powerful technologies like smart phones, mobile apps, payment systems and social networks, people can easily share the following things from the physical world: goods, services, space, and money. This has upsetting impacts as people can now get what they need from each other, and often without buying it anew, this collection of stats shows how this is spreading across many markets. It also creates intense friction as power changes hands, as regulators, governments, unions and lobbyists grapple with the power shift that’s powered by the internet. … Continue readingThe Next Phase of Sharing

Storyboard: The Future of Business Models #FutureOf

The business landscape is radically changing, as new technologies, economic uncertainty, and strain on earth’s resources are changing how companies go to market.  In partnership with Slideshare (part of the LinkedIn family) I’ve created a vision of the future of business models, based on new market drivers.   Also, you’ll notice the new brand for Crowd Companies, a company I’m building to help corporations with the collaborative economy.   I hope you’ll enjoy this slideshare which goes through How have business models been disrupted? What are the changes companies must make? Which brands are leading with new business models? In the end, corporations will collaborate with empowered people, making brands resilient.   The Future of Business Models #FutureOf from Jeremiah … Continue readingStoryboard: The Future of Business Models #FutureOf

Shapeways Delivers 3D Printing as a Service, Reshaping Business Processes

An assortment of 3D printed items, accompanied by Duann Scott (left), myself (center), and Savannah, (right) at the Shapeways 3D “Factory of the Future” in Queens, NYC. Behind us are rows of high-end 3D printers, polishing machines, designers, QA teams, and operations experts.  Trying to configure, calibrate, and properly print a 3D object is a clunky experience. Fortunately, there are services that enable this: Meet Shapeways, a 3D factory available now for you. In my humble opinion, I’ve found that 3D printers for consumers need some time to mature.  I’ve taken a class at TechShop to learn that the level of skill requires a hobbyist and tinkering capability. It’s not just “Press print.”  To meet this need, and to print using high … Continue readingShapeways Delivers 3D Printing as a Service, Reshaping Business Processes