Storyboard: The Future of Business Models #FutureOf

The business landscape is radically changing, as new technologies, economic uncertainty, and strain on earth’s resources are changing how companies go to market.  In partnership with Slideshare (part of the LinkedIn family) I’ve created a vision of the future of business models, based on new market drivers.   Also, you’ll notice the new brand for Crowd Companies, a company I’m building to help corporations with the collaborative economy.   I hope you’ll enjoy this slideshare which goes through

  1. How have business models been disrupted?
  2. What are the changes companies must make?
  3. Which brands are leading with new business models?

In the end, corporations will collaborate with empowered people, making brands resilient.


You can learn more about Slidehshare’s “#FutureOf” campaign, and check out a few other slideshares of note that were part of this launch, see the Future of Work and Future of Marketing.