Altimeter Open Research: Organizing for Content Marketing

Every company is now a media company.
Content Marketing is in high demand, as every company has now realized they are media companies.  In fact, our list of Content Marketing Software startups has resulted in calls from VCs, press, brands, and potential competitors.  We also know, from our brand survey that Content Marketing is the top go to market priority at corporations.  I frequently tell the market that social business tools, like railroad tracks, laid down the infrastructure for many corporations to now talk to the market; the challenge is, they don’t know what to say!

[As every company is now a media company, they must orchestrate content in harmony –or risk marketplace cacophony]

Plotting the Content Marketing Ensemble
Above: As every company becomes a media company, they must orchestrate content in harmony.

Now, companies must organize for content strategy and marketing.
Altimeter’s latest Open Research report (use, share, and we’ll create more, see our body of research) is now available, on behalf of the analyst Rebecca Lieb, Chris Silva and Christine Tran, and include findings from over 70 interviews from across the industry.  Why is this important? Despite an overwhelming trend toward content marketing and the need to continually feed an ever-increasing portfolio of content channels and formats, most organizations have not yet addressed content on either a strategic or tactical level. This report explores scalable organizational models for addressing content needs across the enterprise, and makes recommendations for a holistic program.

Companies organize for content in 6 models:

  1. Content Center of Excellence
  2. Executive Steering Committee
  3. Editorial Board or Content Council
  4. Content Lead
  5. Cross-Functional Content Chief
  6. Content Department/Division

Also included in this report are: Organizational Content Requirements and a Recommendations Checklist that brands can use to become actionable, now.   Here’s the report, which we hope you use:

On a side note, as research director at Altimeter, this report will become very useful to deploy as my role is to ‘conduct’ the research reports in harmony, no doubt, I’ll be leaning on Rebecca to complete this task.

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  1. Some letters were missing in all the titles of the PDF document, but I downloaded it a few more times and all was OK. My bad! Thanks Jeremiah 🙂

  2. Great stuff. Congrats to Rebecca, Chris and Christine. I especially like the bit about creating a WordPress blog. So sad, so true.

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