Altimeter Group: We’re Growing

Altimeter's office The Hangar Left: View of our spacious headquarters, The Hangar, in San Mateo. We’re poised and ready for more growth.

To meet the demand of our clients and new clients, Altimeter Group is continuing to hire since we formed up a firm in August, 2009.

We have three new analyst positions open, read Charlene’s post for a greater perspective.

  • Business Intelligence Industry Analyst: The insight garnered from business intelligence is moving away from being the domain of a few experts and into the hands people who can put the analytics to work, thanks to the emergence of more powerful, easier to use BI tools. The result: companies who can harness the power of analytics throughout the organization will have a significant advantage over their competitors. (see details)
  • Mobile Industry Analyst: From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices are changing how people interact with companies. This position focuses more on how mobile devices are being used and what companies need to do about these new interactions and relationships. It is less about the devices themselves, although a strong knowledge and insight into how the technology will develop is essential. (see details)
  • Digital Media and Advertising Industry Analyst: Digital communications have been greatly impacted by the advent of social and mobile technologies, to the point where brands, marketers, and advertisers realize that their overall digital communication strategies need to be reconstructed. Gone are the days when “design, launch and wait” campaigns were the norm. The multi-faceted consumer and business person requires a multi-faceted but integrated approach. (see details)

Also, please welcome Zak Kirchner (his Twitter and his announcement on his blog (update)) our newest researcher, who will be working closely with our research team Christine and Andrew, here in our San Mateo HQ, and will be working on research efforts with Charlene Li and Alan Webber. We’re impressed by Zak because of his existing research background, and the research he’s already completed in the space of disruptive technologies.

Swing by our physical office “The Hangar” in San Mateo (see pic), we’re looking forward to meeting you, and we’ll be hosting a series of upcoming events.