Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD

It’s hard to believe that this desire to thank those on the front lines in digital mediums between customers and companies took off so quickly. The first year, it was just a murmur online and now it’s spread on its own to physical events around the world. I had nothing to do with the first group (Boston) leading the first ever physical event, but then quickly suggested that other regions (even my local area SF) to step up. Blogs, Tweets, Pictures, and Videos of CMAD around the Globe: Below I’ll curate the interesting voices around the world at the 2nd annual Community Manager Appreciation Day. Find events and voices First of all, see all the regions around the globe and … Continue readingWrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: Jan 22, 2010

Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007. People on the Move in the Social Business Industry An interesting period of time, we saw commentary on how NYT removed their social media position, a future trend we outlined in our research report, Career Path of the Social Strategist. Please congratulate these folks, in our last On The Move of the year. Kristy Bolsinger joins Ant’s Eye View as Social Business Consultant Working with … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Business Industry: Jan 22, 2010

Quora for Business Not Allowed, But You Should Still Monitor and Respond

Yesterday, on a client call, I was asked if Quora was going to be relevant, and what businesses should do about it.  I’m sure I’m going to get asked this more often, so I’ll put my answers down for all to see.  If you’re not familiar with Quora, it’s a Q&A website where people can ask questions and others can answer and respond.  If you’ve seen LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers or similar features from Community Platforms, and even Get Satisfaction to an extend, you’ll find a theme.  Quora officially launched 6 months ago in a limited beta, and is founded by Facebook’s former CTO with backing by Benchmark capital, all positive signs for company vitality. What makes Quora Notable: A … Continue readingQuora for Business Not Allowed, But You Should Still Monitor and Respond

Process: A Pragmatic Approach to Social Business

Companies Who Start With Implementation Are At Risk. In a frantic hurry to catch up with customers, companies often jump into social media without having a plan, which is a classic “leap before you look” approach.  Soon, they find they are unable to scale as more customer adopt the tools, and are not ready for a long term engagement with customers even around negative conversations.  While companies feel compelled join the conversation now to respond to customers, they should not throw out business planning. To avoid this predicament companies should step back and approach social business like any other business program: with a plan. Instead, Follow A Pragmatic Process. Start with gaining intelligence, by first getting educated about how business … Continue readingProcess: A Pragmatic Approach to Social Business

Behind Closed Doors: CMOs planning to Accelerate Growth for 2011

I was fortunate to attend yet another Forbes exclusive CMO Summit in sunny Palm Beach Florida at the Breakers Resort. Last year in 2009, we heard from CMOs that they had plans to increase their spending in social media –and they were preparing for growth, and I’m here to discuss the trends heard direct from the mouths of CMOs at this private, high quality event.  Here are the recurring trends I heard from this group of top CMOs in this private event. Macro Trend: CMOs to plan for Growth and Prepare Investments We kicked off the event from a macro viewpoint from Steve Forbes himself (I was pleased to enjoy a dinner with him, and learn from his global insights), … Continue readingBehind Closed Doors: CMOs planning to Accelerate Growth for 2011

My Customer Strategy Research Agenda: 2011

Below is my research agenda (which includes my research team Christine Tran and Andrew Jones) for the customer strategy group here at Altimeter Group. I’ll cross post this from the ‘Research Tab’ on the upper right of my blog. Research, A Subset of the Web Strategy Mission While I’m best known as an “Industry Analyst”, I choose that title as that’s easiest to understand, overtime, I hope to do away with that title. Although research is the foundation for all my activities, recognize that it’s only part of how we help clients in their education, research, strategy, and planning. My career mission, (which is greater than any job I work at) is to help companies connect with their customers using … Continue readingMy Customer Strategy Research Agenda: 2011

List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 (Buyer/Brand Side)

Editorial Note: We’re working hard on getting this updated, please forgive me in advance if anyone is missing, I don’t mean to offend, and will update as quickly as possible from your comments. I tend to wait for submissions in comments or I ask strategists I know before putting them on this list. We’ve cleansed the 2010 list, and removed a few dozen folks who have changed career paths, or have switched companies Updates: Jan 10th: I’ve received a few messages with questions about the scope. This list is on the ‘buyer’ or ‘brand’ side, not on the vendor side as it’s hard to manage that additional group. Given I have limited resources to manage this growing industry, I’m choosing … Continue readingList of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 (Buyer/Brand Side)