Slides and Recording: Social Marketing Analytics Research Findings

After launching the research report ‘Social Marketing Analytics‘ (also embedded below), my co analyst (also from Forrester) John Lovett and I recorded this webinar yesterday that had over 800 registrants and 300+ attendees during the hour long presentation.

In the spirit of ‘Open Research’ we encourage you to use, share, and adopt our research framework to improve your work, abiding by our creative commons licensing of attribution and non-commercial usage.

Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework for Measuring Results in Social Media, by John Lovett and Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group on Vimeo.
Above: Webinar recording going over the framework, and our additional insights from the research

Social Marketing Analytics

View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang.

Above: The accompanying slides, which can also be downloaded from Slideshare.

Above: The Research Report that started it all, which you can also download and see nitty gritty details

Recognizing the Ecosystem
This was completed with the community in mind, and we’d like to thank the following folks for their contrabutions:

Our co-authors
Charlene Li, Eric T. Peterson, Christine Tran

Our Ecosystem Contributors
Lisa Barone, Connie Benson, David Berkowitz, Blake Cahill, Adam Coomes, Monica Cordina, Bill Gassman, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Rob Key, Justin Kistner, Scott Lake, Matt Langie, Alex Mann, Louis Marascio, John McCory, Aaron Neumann, Katie Delahaye Paine, Sean Power, Chris Ramsey, Boaz Ronkin, Shiv Singh, R “Ray” Wang, Alan Webber, Jennifer Zeszut

Vendor Contributors
Alterian SM2, Biz360, Cymfony, Lithium, Omniture, Radian6, Scout Labs, Social Radar StatsIT, SWIX, Trackur, Trendrr, LugIron, Visible Technologies, Webtrends

Next Steps
If you’re a social analytics technology or service provider (brand monitoring, web analytics, business intelligence) and want to speak with John and I, we can help apply this framework to your business. If you’re an analytics professional and need help applying this to making it your own, please contact us: john.lovett at or jeremiah at

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We will continue to publish our research findings available to the public, please support us by spreading it to others.

Thanks for attending, I’ll be announcing some more research in the coming weeks.

25 Replies to “Slides and Recording: Social Marketing Analytics Research Findings”

  1. I sat in on this presentation but at its heart, there is really very little new here, right? Aligning measurement with corporate goals? Tailoring the right measurement system to your company goals? You're simply re-packaging marketing basics.

    And then you're suggesting that some combination of four measurement buckets should fit any company, which is counter to the first recommendation of aligning with goals. Your system also overlooks some basic measurement ideas like simple sales conversions, which can be appllied to any organization, especially small companies with limited resources.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. I'll start by saying that we never claimed to reinvent the wheel here. These may be basic marketing strategies for measurement, but they also adhere to a pragmatic approach. And, despite their basic nature – we've encountered very few companies who actually do this! Thus, we feel that it's worth reiterating what you may deem the basics until people start to apply this knowledge in practice.

    One thing we did not state is that each of our measurement buckets would suffice for all companies. In fact, we iterated several times that these metrics and the framework we offer is merely a starting point. Each measure and the framework as a whole MUST be customized to meet the unique goals of individual businesses. For this reason we began with a generic set of principles by which companies can start to measure the effects of their social efforts. This measurement stuff takes work. Thus, the comment about the lack of silver bullets. Their simply aren't any shortcuts to doing this well. Each organization needs to think through their own unique needs and situation and then apply rigor around their process for ongoing assessment.

    You're right in that we didn't include sales conversions in our framework. This is because we hope that all organizations are doing this now. If not, then applying our method is equivalent to pushing the cart down a really steep hill and then heading to the barn to grab the horse. Unfortunately this has already happened with the launch of numerous social media efforts, but we'd like to believe that planning is a critical part of the process. Our goal is for Social Analytics is for measurement to be considered up front so that social efforts can be effectively tracked and managed. Despite the somewhat basic mentality behind this, too few companies are doing it today.

    Hope this helps clarify.
    John Lovett

  3. I will be checking out this close as in our Social Media reputation services, we need these type of analysis time to time

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